"The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour" (Suicidal; 2011)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Undoubtedly a legendary figure in the metal realm, Suicidal Tendencies main man Mike Muir adds another release to the résumé with the aptly titled effort "The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour," this time under the Cyco Miko banner.

This 14-track compilation offers a potpourri of material spanning from the leftovers and extra tracks from both Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves sessions through the years, though the underlying sense of funk found in a bulk of the tracks denotes that most of the songs are most likely taken from Infectious Grooves sessions.

Celebrating Muir’s predilection to be the metal George Clinton, this album provides a jarring overall listening experience that, despite Muir’s inimitable vocal presence, suffers from a disjointed sense of cohesion with a slew of stylistic mismatches that should have been left in the vault. Nonetheless, Muir cleans out the cupboards and lets it all hang out on this release, beating to his own drum as usual and sounding as invigorated as ever, even if most of the music behind the man comes off as ill-fitted and undercooked.

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