"Break the Spell" (RCA; 2011)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Daughtry keeps plugging along and now we're reviewing his third disc titled "Break the Spell." Here, he has stepped back into the scuffed shoes that he wore on his first disc. His voice has matured and he seems to hit the high notes with more power than I remember (might have to listen to his debut disc again). The guitar is funky and bruising; it's got more bite in the rhythm department as well.

There are twelve songs for Chris to blast his voice on and he doesn't hold back on any challenge. The music isn't as tough as I remember but it's still got a great sound and when you couple his sound with his band, it's tight and you can put this disc on and sing along with every track. There are a few "summer" songs that require the top down with the volume cranked; "Louder Than Ever" is one of them.

Daughtry seems to have settled into the contemporary camp but puts his boot down on a few tracks. He wrote all the tracks on this disc and claims it's more upbeat and positive than before.

Download these: "Renegade," "Crawling Back to You," "Outta My Head," and "Louder Than Ever."

Daughtry: Chris Daughtry - lead vocals, rhythm guitars; Josh Steely - lead guitars, backing vocals; Brian Craddock - rhythm guitars, backing vocals; Josh Paul - bass guitars, backing vocals; Robin Diaz - drums, percussion, backing vocals.

For more information, check out http://www.daughtryofficial.com/

"Leave This Town" (RCA; 2009)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Former American Idol star Chris Daughtry is back with a new release. His first self-titled disc kicked some serious teeth and this one has its moments ... at times. Chad Kroeger, Ben Moody (Evanescence) and Eric Dill (The Click Five) help out with songwriting on this second go-around after Daughtry got some excellent exposure on American Idol and then on the Bon Jovi tour back in 2006.  

Chris has a great voice but he seems a little reserved on this album compared to his debut three years before. The music is still good but sometimes the songs start off with power but they fade a bit in the middle. They pick back up so I'm not complaining ... just letting you know what to expect.


Some of the songs on this disc talk about leaving; it seems to be a theme with Daughtry. The guy has been on tour since he released his first album and I'm sure he's had his share of heartbreak. He pens a few songs that have that love lost feeling to them. This disc is good and, with more acoustic tracks than before, I chiseled down a ½ guitarsaw rating.


The hits are: "You Don't Belong," "No Surprise," "Everytime You Turn Around," and "Supernatural."


Daughtry: Chris Daughtry – lead vocals, rhythm guitars; Josh Steely - lead guitars, backing vocals; Brian Caddock - rhythm guitars, backing vocals; Josh "JP" Paul - bass guitars, backing vocals; Joey Barnes - drums, percussion, backing vocals, keyboards.


For more information, check out http://www.daughtryofficial.com/

"Daughtry" (19 Recording/RCA; 2006)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

I can honestly say that I have never watched one minute of American Idol, even when they hyped it with more advertisements than the newest car or latest whatever. Unfortunately, I may have inadvertently missed Chris Daughtry singing his heart out. Well, I believe American Idiot can be a platform even for those who don’t win. Daughtry was so good that Fuel even asked him to front them after Brett Scallions left. I guess Fuel watches American Idol, who knew?

I really picked up this CD because of the single, “Home.” I heard it on a few stations and I liked it. I never really knew who Daughtry was because I didn’t see him try to win and then lose to some guy who Daughtry outsold in record sales anyway. I think Daughtry wanted to prove that he wasn’t some pop singer and his voice is strong enough to power his songs so he released his own disc. As I said before, those shows are platforms; sometimes they can be turned into pedestals.

This disc has as much muscle as anything Fuel, Nickelback or even Live ever produced. The fact that Daughtry didn’t go solo and named his band after him might be a judo kick at the other finalists who will remain nameless, primarily because I don’t know who any of them are. The music here is strong and you’d think this band had been around for a while. They sound tight and don’t rely on any sappy ballads to guarantee a spot on some compilation album.

Surprisingly, this CD has Slash playing on it so to anyone who thinks that Daughtry wants to stay in the pop arena, better think twice. Slash rips it up on the song “What I Want.” There are some acoustics throughout the disc but it’s never wrapped in a beach blanket with a promise ring pending. Although the band that Daughtry fronts was picked by the record company it’s still his voice belting out the tunes. I can’t wait for the next loser from one of those singing shows to make another hit record.

The best songs here are “It’s Not Over,” “Home,” “Over You,” “What I Want,” and “Gone.”

Daughtry: Chris Daughtry – vocals, guitar; Josh Steely – lead guitar; Josh Paul – bass, vocals; Joey Barnes – drums, percussion; Jeremy Brady – guitar.

For more information, check out http://www.daughtryofficial.com

Rating Guide:

A classic. This record will kick your ass.

Killer. Not a classic but it will rock your world.

So-so. You've heard better.

Pretty bad. Might make a nice coaster.

Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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