"The Human Condition" (Apocalypse Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

I was pretty much all set to be unimpressed with Deconstruct's "The Human Condition." I didn't care for the artwork, I've always thought ‘deconstruct' was better left alone as a philosophical subject, and I didn't like a drummer with the name of Frost being from a band based in Sacramento, CA instead of frigid Norway.

Although I think the sound that allowed nu-metal to succeed has basically been deep-sixed by other recent musical trends, Deconstruct somehow transcend the nu-metal sound by incorporating a bunch of other traditional and radio-friendly styles into a frenzy of aggression, solid melodies, and reasonably good songs.

I appreciate the aggression brought to the forefront of the songs on "The Human Condition". This particular style of aggression reminds me why bands like Korn became as big as they did, but I also appreciate the sense of rhythm and melody that modern metal bands like Disturbed and emotional soul in the vein of Sevendust that have allowed heavy metal to expand into new sonic realms.

The best (and hardest rocking) songs are front loaded on "The Human Condition" while the songs seem to get progressively more relaxed and radio-friendly as the disc nears completion. Towards the end a little bit of an Alice In Chains influence can be heard especially in the vocals; I hear the ghost of Layne Staley coming through the lyrics as well.

"The Human Condition" is a promising start for these upstarts from California.

"The Human Condition" was produced, engineered, mixed, and recorded by Joe Fraulob. Joe's a busy man playing guitar and basically being a studio whore for his band, but damn if the sound doesn't kick major ass on "The Human Condition." Good job, Joe! (Note: Some mixing was conducted by Michael Rosen.)

Deconstruct: Skitz on vocals, Joe Fraulob on guitar, Venessa on bass, and Frost on drums. Drum on a few tracks performed by Darren Minter.

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"The Human Condition - Act 1" (Apocalypse Records; 2004)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Last year, I reviewed Deconstruct's "Sign of Things to Come" and, as you can see by the review below, I liked what I heard. Now, the band has returned with "The Human Condition - Act 1" and I am happy to report that I still like what I hear.

The songs on "The Human Condition" are thought-provoking, tight heavy metal tunes that rock like a son of a bitch. Each track tells a story that is morose and dark without being depressing. That means a lot in today's gloomy metal scene.

The band is solid and heavy throughout. This is one talented group with a bright future.

This CD is entitled "The Human Condition - Act 1" and I, for one, am anxious to hear the following acts. If there's a downside to this CD, it's that it's only a five track sampler of the band's forthcoming full-length and I'm ready for more now.

Deconstruct: Joe - guitar; Skitz - vocals; Venessa - bass; Frost - drums.

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"Sign of Things to Come" (Apocalypse Records; 2003)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Although I realize their importance to up-and-coming bands, sometimes I think demos are a just waste of time. A band plays a couple of tunes and you can say "Cool, crap or no big deal." Frankly, I don't think you can tell enough about any band from just three songs - except maybe whether or not you want to hear more. And I guess that's really the point.

That being said, sometimes a band comes along that impresses you so much with their demo that you simply can't wait to hear more. Deconstruct is just such a band. 

Deconstruct is hard driving, heavy metal crafted into an engaging musical experience. Granted, it lasts only thirteen minutes, but all thirteen minutes were impressive. 

Deconstruct has all the aspects of a very good metal band: attitude, better than average musical ability, good songwriting skills and - oh, yeah - attitude. 

If the title of "Sign of Things to Come" is correct - and from what I hear it is - I expect very good things coming from Deconstruct.

Deconstruct: Skitz - vocals; Joe Fraulob - guitar; Darren Minter - drums; Venessa - bass. 

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