"Reincarnation" (Minotauro; 2015)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

As I prepared to review "Reincarnation" by Defyance, I was surprised to discover that we had reviewed one of the band's previous CDs, "Time Lost," way back in 1999. I did a quick bout of research and discovered that the band first formed in 1989, released a record or two here and there (including one with the legendary Lance King on vocals!) and that "Reincarnation" is a new collection of tracks, recorded by four of the band's original members. Hence, the title: "Reincarnation."

All that being said, I'm not sure the title "Reincarnation" is the perfect title for this CD. The fact is that this CD doesn't sound like a reincarnation, or a re-birth, or anything of the like. It sounds like the band never stopped; it sounds like a continuation of what they did back in 1989 and that's absolutely good news. Defyance played the same kind of music found on "Reincarnation" back when "Time Lost" was produced. It's American style heavy metal (of that era), a combination of catchy riffs, vocals that you can actually call "singing" and fast-paced (but never to the level of thrash) tempos. It's old school heavy metal and it's well-done (and it better be, for a band that's been around this long).

The only problem I have with "Reincarnation" is that the production seems a little weak. It doesn't have any real punch and, despite the band's best efforts, the CD never really soars. It will easily hold your attention throughout but will leave you thinking that there should have been, could have been, more.

Still, fans of this style of heavy metal will find plenty to like about "Reincarnation."

By the way, this CD also contains three bonus tracks: The first is an original demo version of the band's "Passing of the Night," the second is a cover of Fifth Angel's "Wings of Destiny" and the third is a cover of Riot's "Sign of the Crimson Storm."

Defyance: Doug Beary - drums; Brian Harrington - vocals and acoustic guitar; Marcus Peterson - guitars and keyboards; Brent A. Scott - guitars.

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"Time Lost" (Minotauro; 1999)

Reviewed by Snidermann

I must admit that when I first heard Defyance, I was less than impressed. However, after spinning the CD a few times, the music quickly grew on me and now I am a big fan.  

There is definitely an Iron Maiden-type quality about this music that is most appealing. Simple, straight-forward music with solid lyrical content and attitude (what more do you need in metal?).  The boys in Defyance really enjoy what they do and the energy shows with each and every track. This band can be a little demanding, but their music is worth the extra effort!

DEFYANCE is: Brent A. Scott - guitars; Marcus Peterson - guitars; Doug Beary - drums; Rob McGrath - bass and Scott Andreas - vocals.

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