"Mournument" (My Kingdom Music; 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Deinonychus is a doom/death band that lays melancholy sounds on heavy and thick. With the doom/death style as a solid starting point, Deinonychus add crushing weight to the depressing tomes with remarkable dexterity via the means of heavy guitars and sad melodies.

"Mournument" was recorded in the Summer of 2000, but label troubles prevented it from being released. Enter My Kingdom Music and "Mournument" was ready to see the light of day ... er, to unfold under cover of darkness ... during in the Fall of 2002. Although "Mournument" took a while to reach me for proper review I am not the least bit disappointed now that I've had a chance to hear it.

Rather than resort to overly long stretches of intoxicating doom, Deinonychus mix things up quite well while remaining true to the melancholy feelings that run through every song. No matter how heavy the songs get, the familiar lilting, staggering sound of doom remains at the band's core.

The vocals remind me most of the doom vocals I've heard in Mindrot without resorting to Mindrot's schizophrenic approach. The vocals vary from long and slow deep growls to a higher pitched (but not high pitch) screams which remind me of great doom vocalists like My Dying Bride's Aaron Stainthorpe or Paradise Lost's Nick Holmes.

All in all, a fairly eclectic mix for a doom/death band that doesn't easily invite strict comparisons. However, fans of early Katatonia, My Dying Bride, and Mindrot will all find something to like in the sad, depressing tales told by Deinonychus on "Mournument."

"Mournument" was produced by Marcus Stock.

Deinonychus is Marco Kehren on vocals, guitars, and bass, Arkade on keyboards, and William Sarginson on drums.

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