"Two (Poverty)" (Metal Blade; 2007)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

I actually like the music on this releases a lot, but I liked it better when Slayer did it twenty-some years ago. At least that was the initial thought that hit me while listening to "Two (Poverty)." 

I didn't know what to expect going in from this Indianapolis-based band, but immediately the sound was very reminiscent of Slayer between 1985 and1988. The vocals, the tight guitar and even the production is so similar. Now, the drums of Dustin Boltjes are certainly not in league with the playing of Mr. Lombardo of Slayer, but then again he is one of a kind. 

The first five tracks are very much in this Slayer style and, after that, they start to get away from it a little bit. The guitar becomes a little more inventive and the vocals start to mix in a hardcore style here and there. 

Vocalist Nate Olp certainly has a strong voice and he has to really channel aggression into his vocals. The music is heavy enough; it flows along well and never overstays its welcome. Still it's too hard to look past how strongly they have tied their sound to an established band. It's difficult to define yourself when you sound so much like another act and it also makes it difficult for the listener to feel the need to listen to your band as opposed to just digging out old Slayer albums instead.

Demiricious does have a good handle on playing aggressively and their timing is strong but they just need to work on bringing their own ideas to the surface a little more. They certainly are not as diverse as they probably think they are but the second half of the album contains enough parts for me to think that they could develop into that kind of band. It just might involve them taking some risks and letting go of the established style that so dominates this album.

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