"Extremist" (Solid State; 2014)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

This is the seventh disc from Christian metalcore group Demon Hunter. They've been cranking out metal since 2002 and like the Juggernaut, they keep picking up speed. I've caught their releases through the years and always dug their sound. They combine the clean and mean vocal approach on "Extremist" and have some super heavy guitar to boot your metal need into high gear. The lyrical content is never preachy but direct. In other words, you might miss the message for the music but the combination is well-placed.

There are twelve tracks on "Extremist," with two more bonus tracks on the deluxe edition and two more on the digital deluxe version, it's over an hour of Demon Hunting. If you're looking for some metalcore that will wear you out but leave you wanting more then check out Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter: Ryan Clark - vocals; Patrick Judge - lead guitar; Jeremiah Scott - rhythm guitar; Jon Dunn - bass; Timothy Watts - drums.

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"Storm the Gates of Hell" (Solid State Records; 2007)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Demon Hunter are Christian metalcore and they hail from Seattle, Washington. The band was started by two brothers. They have more of a Christian metal sound on this disc than on their previous three. I think a lot of people dismiss Christian metal as less than true when it comes to the music but I feel that if you really want to hear the music you will on this disc. The message is about Christ but it's not presented in a way that waters down the brutal music that surrounds each track.

The approach to the vocals on this disc was a departure where Ryan Clark stood on the last few discs and moved around the studio. This time he sat crouched and delivered from a middle ground. His vocal style is aggressive on the tracks where a machine gun guitar and drums are present. He has a great singing voice and when the more melodic metal song emerges you can hear his talent on full display.

The guitar has a kick-punch sound and many of the songs have solos that fit perfectly within the song. There are some aggressive tracks that just beat the crud out of your eardrums. I tend to lean more toward the metal tracks because I can hear the message and enjoy the music a little better.

Fans of metalcore, Christian metal and nu-metal will something to like while listening to Demon Hunter. They aren't preachy -- nobody likes that -- but they do rock and, if you're reading Rough Edge, then you know it’s a requirement!

Demon Hunter: Ryan Clark – Vocals; Don Clark—Guitar; Ethan Luck -- Guitar, Lap Steel; Jonathan Dunn—Bass Guitar; Timothy "Yogi" Watts—Drums.

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