"They Rise" (Ibex Moon; 2007)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Tampa, Floridaís Denial Fiend have only been around since 2006, but their roster features members of Six Feet Under, Massacre, Death, Mantas, Nasty Savage, Lowbrow, Down by Law and Pseudo Heroes. The songs are all horror themed with the predominating topic being zombies. The music leans toward a cross between thrash and early death metal and sounds most influenced by styles that were popular between about 88-92. 

On "They Rise," Denial Fiend plays a steadily churning style with lots of swirling and bending riffs that give the songs a very busy feel that works. The band wastes virtually no time on any of the their songs as almost every selection comes roaring out of the gate and never really lets up much. Unfortunately the rhythm section is just rather average as they glide along but never really push that hard to do more than just be okay. 

The vocals are a combination of hardcore shouts, gang type vocals and some yells that aren't quite death metal style growls. While thatís not bad, the vocals also donít add much to the overall sound and some times it takes away from the intensity of the music. I think a more traditional death metal vocal approach might have suited the music a little more. 

The guitars here are great, but the rest of the band are not quite at the same level so it gives the album a slightly uneven feel. Not bad, but easily could have been better.

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