"A Requiem in the Winter's Hue" (My Kingdom; 2008)

Reviewed by Snidermann


Despairation's "A Requiem In The Winter's Hue" is a rock operatic yarn of good music and thoughtful lyrics. It brings to mind the music of artists such as Marillion and David Bowie. I can understand the music, but the story still eludes me. I liked this recording at first listen, however as the CD progressed, I found the presentation too wordy and long-winded.  

I liked this CD, however, I think the band could have said the same thing in half the time.  I've listened to the entire CD several times through now and, as of this moment, I still do not know what it is about. The story is too cluttered up with unnecessary lyrics and music.

Despairation: Sascha Blach - Lead vocals, Programming; Martin F. Jungkunz - Guitars, Bass, Programming, Accordion , background vocals; Christian Beyer - Piano, Keyboards; Jens Reinhold - Drums.

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