"Las Noches Que Me Invente" (Locomotive; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The Dikers' "Las Noches Que Me Invente" is a lively and solid rock'n'roll record that, unfortunately, has little to separate it from other albums of its type, save for perhaps the aforementioned energy.

There's never a dull moment throughout "Las Noches" with even the slow-paced ballad "Mi Comdodin" boasting enough pizzazz to hold your attention. The other songs are mostly strong rockers of a faster tempo, all of which deliver without truly making a mark. There's not a bad song on the CD but there isn't a truly great song here, either.

The lyrics are sung entirely in Spanish and, since my Spanish is limited to say the least, I may be losing a lot of the impact. Still, "Las Noches" is certainly worth a listen. Definitely more of a hard rock record than a heavy metal record, the CD may not be heavy enough for some tastes but, fans of radio friendly hard rock (especially those who understand Spanish) will find something to like here.

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"Las Noches Que Me Invente" (Locomotive; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

I like rock'n'roll in any language, just as long as it is well done. The Dikers' "Las Noches Que Me Invente" is performed entirely in Spanish and I only know enough Spanish to order a drink or get my face slapped.

So I can't tell you about the lyrics, but I can tell you about the music, which I liked very much. "Las Noches" is tight and very well done throughout. It kept my interest, which is important, especially because I knew nothing about what the songs were actually about. 

Yeah, I'd probably like it even more if I knew. But I'm not narrow-minded enough to think that all good music is done only in English. And The Dikers prove that.

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