"Dragonlord (Tales of the Noble Steel)" (Metal Blade; 2000)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Domine is another power metal / true metal / progressive metal band with their heart firmly implanted in the fantasy themes so popular in this genre. It's lots of testosterone-laden rock'n'roll, heavy on the guitars, maybe heavier on the keyboards, with chest-pounding vocals and song titles like "Anthem," "Thunderstorm," "Mars, the Bringer of War" and the seven parts of "The Battle for the Great Silver Sword."

The words "story telling" are bandied about quite a bit when it comes to metal music, but Dragonlord seems to really deliver, telling tales that could fill volumes if somebody wanted to add more verbal flesh to turn songs into books. Someone like Michael Moorcock, for example - whom the band thanks in their liner notes and sites as a major inspiration. As is, however, Dragonlord - like Forgotten Suns (whom I also recently reviewed) - paints an awesome musical picture. Unlike the Suns, however, Dragonlord does it with real heavy metal power - more akin to Manowar than Styx.

Those who like their metal with an epic feel need look no further than Dragonlord.

Dragonlord: Morby - vocals; Enrico Paoli - guitars; Riccardo Paoli - bass; Mimmo Palmiotta - drums; Riccardo Iacomo - keyboards.

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