"03 A Trilogy - Part 3" (Inside Out; 2008)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Like my editor before me I’ve not had the opportunity to hear the “03” story up to this point.

The music on “03: A Trilogy: Part 3” is classic progressive metal that never strays too far from being heavy or too light – nothing earth-shatteringly new here, but impressive nonetheless. “03: A Trilogy: Part 3” offers a few traditional length songs as well as a couple of epics.  The musical interplay between the guitars, bass, keys, and drums is supportive – never overwhelming.

The story is easy to follow as descriptive text that precedes each song gives the listener all the information needed to follow the story. The storyline features a nuclear attack turning into a full-fledged nuclear war with a detective whose responsibility for watching over a prisoner leading to a Biblical conclusion. The storyline adds effectively to an already satisfying musical effort.

Dominici is a powerful vocalist and the music is crafted to let him shine. It’s amazing to think that more than 15 years have passed since Charlie Dominici was part of Majesty/Dream Theater. It’s even better knowing that with his own band Dominici can realize the musical dreams he was chasing lo those many years ago.

Is it possible for a trilogy to have a Part IV?

“03: A Trilogy: Part 3” was produced by Charlie Dominici and co-produced by Brian Maillard and Yan Maillard.

Dominici is Charlie Dominici on vocals, Brian Maillard on guitar, Americo Rigoldi on keyboards, Riccardo Atzeni on bass, and Yan Maillard on drums.

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"03 A Trilogy - Part 2" (Inside Out; 2007)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Charlie Dominici was the original vocalist for Dream Theater (back when they were known as Majesty) and, listening to the cumbersomely entitled "03 A Trilogy - Part 2," you'll have no doubt as to Dominici's pre-LaBrie impact on Dream Theater's sound.

In the interest of full disclosure, I haven't heard the first part of Dominici's Trilogy although I understand it was completely different than "Part 2." Whereas "Part 1" was apparently a completely acoustic recording featuring, basically, Charlie Dominici and a guitar, "Part 2" is a full on progressive rock record that fans of Dream Theater will certainly appreciate.

Packed with complex, sophisticated tunes and a storyline that is easy to follow (even if you, like me, haven't heard "Part 1") "03 A Trilogy - Part 2" is a smorgasbord of stunning technical musicianship, a showcase for a vocalist who's among the best out there and an example of excellent progressive rock songwriting.

Closer, perhaps, in song style to Queensryche's best work rather than that of Dream Theater, "03 A Trilogy - Part 2" is perhaps most notable for its ability to allow its musicians the chance to really shine while, at the same time, telling its story with deceptive simplicity.

What will be really interesting is where Dominici takes us in "Part 3." 

Charlie Dominici - Vocals; Brian Maillard - Guitars; Riccardo Erik Atzeni - Bass; Americo Rigoldi - Keysboards; Yan Maillard - Drums.

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