"Solitary" (Deadline Music; 2008/2020)

Reviewed by Snidermann


Rough Edge Editor R. Scott Bolton and I saw Don Dokken play live sometime in the 90s. Actually, we saw him twice in about four months months time. The first time he way great: he was way loud and had a very hearty sound. About four months later we saw him again and it seemed he was thirty pounds heaver, his hair was highlighted and, frankly, he looked and sounded tired ... and he probably was! Everyone knows touring is exhausting.

Recently, R. Scott suggested I review "Solitary, a 2020 re-release of Don's 2008 acoutstic album. I figured why not?

As I listened to this recording, I found someone who seems to be trying to excommunicate some wicked demons, and in this recording he does just that. The music was mostly minor key, sad and soft introspective type material that is good for the performer, but not necessarily for the heavy metal fan in me. The music on "Solitary" sounds a bit more like Neil Diamond than Dokken and that may not not be a bad thing ... I mean, everyone has to exorcise his demons ... but I like my music a littler lourder.

Don't get me wrong: The music and performance on "Solitary" is solid and entertaining. However, I found the entire project just a bit depressing.

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