"World Gone Crazy" (HOR Records; 2010)

Reviewed by Snidermann


The Doobie Brothers' "World Gone Crazy" is a quality rock'n'roll release and it shows some of the magic that made them one of the most popular bands of the 1970s. This is high quality musical entertainment, admittedly on the lighter side, but still it has all the trademarks that made the Doobie Brothers famous.

Founding members Tom Johnston and Pat Simmons, with John McFee and Michael Hossack, round out the members of this recording and they shine from the first cut to the last. There is a cut called "Donít Say Goodbye" that features the unique vocals of Michael McDonald, who was with the band from 1977 to 1979. It's a highlight.

This is the 23rd recording from this iconic band. Some of the recordings here are live and/or greatest hits, but this is still an awesome collection.

As I said above, "World Gone Crazy" may not be hard rock, but it's still good solid rock music. In my opinion, it is a great thing to have new Doobie Brothers music out there in the universe.

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"Toulouse Street" (Rhino Records; 1972 )

Reviewed by Snidermann


The Doobie Brothers' 1972 release of "Toulouse Street" (their second recording) is simply one of the best rock releases I have listened to in quite some time. Everyone has heard of the Doobie Brothers. Well, this recording spawned such hits as "Listen To The Music," "Rocking Down The Highway" and "Jesus Is Just Alright With Me." Now with just those three recordings--some of the best ever in classic rock history--you would think that would be just about it.  But I have to say the deep cuts are alive, fresh, relevant and frankly as good as rock'n'roll ever gets. 

The 1972 line-up was Tiran Porter on bass/vocals, Pat Simmons on guitar/vocals, Tom Johnston on guitar/vocals, John (Little John) Hartman on drums/percussion and Michael Hossack on drums.  Everyone but the drummers sing with multiple harmonies and solid rock'n'roll music that keeps my foot a-stomping. 

Now you may notice they had dual drummers and that is one of the Doobies Brothers best kept secrets: two drummers, no waiting.

This music is fun and easy to listen to.  I have to say the rock music in the 70s is as tight as anything out their now.  The Doobie Brothers knew how to put together a solid recording and, after almost fifty years in the rock biz, they are still one of rock's greatest legends. Simply outstanding and timeless.

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