"Vultures" (Heavy Psych Sounds; 2021)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Dozer is one of those bands that I knew of, but never really heard. In fact, I was surprised to find Mike SOS's review of "Through the Eyes of Heathens" here on when I came here to review "Vultures." I had forgotten posting that way back in 2006.

So I listened through "Vultures" once before doing a little of research on the band and was discovered that Dozer had disbanded in 2008 and had only recently re-formed. I was also surprised to discover that "Vultures" actually consists of songs that were left off the band's last album, 2008's "Beyond Collosal" and only released now in anticipation of the band's new material being released soon.

I was surprised because "Vultures" sounds so vibrant today I would have sworn it was recorded in the past year.The stoner guitars are driving, the songs massive steamrollers of sound and the vibe of entire EP sounds cohesive rather than pieced together from scraps.

The bottom line here is that "Vultures" did exactly what it was supposed to do: It piqued my interest in a band I had almost forgotten about and made me not only look forward to the band's new material, but to look into their past releases as well which, apparently, have been re-released recently as well.

Fans of the stoner sound who like their music heavy and driving will find plenty to their liking on "Vultures."

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"Through the Eyes of Heathens" (Small Stone; 2006)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

The earthshaking tones of Sweden’s Dozer are back with full force on the quartet’s most recent release, the 10-track "Through the Eyes of Heathens."

Fleshing out its Hessian blend of stoner rock with a plethora of hard rock histrionics and desert rock debauchery, songs like “Blood Undone” and the groove-laden “Man of Fire” contain grungy nuances and garage rock’s fuzziness which further accentuate the band’s already mammoth sound, while “Days of Future Past” knocks you on your ass with a loud/soft dynamic that evokes Soundgarden or Alice in Chains at their grittiest. 

Versatile enough to execute brooding slow burners like “Until Man Exists No More” with the same expertise as chunky riffs on “Drawing Dead,” this disc is an essential purchase for the hard rock fan whose eclectic palate goes way beyond Godsmack.

Dozer: Frederik Nordin - Vocals and Guitar; Tommi Holappa - Lead Guitar; Johan Rockner - Bass Guitar; Daniell Liden - Drums. 
Additional Vocals: Troy Sanders of Mastodon.

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