"Sin Salvation" (Gearhead Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

It's often said that the problem with too much punk rock (in addition to the dreaded spongerock phenomenon) - and, indeed, some heavy metal - is the lack of guitar solos. The Dragons "Sin Salvation" addresses that problem directly, putting a blistering lead guitar directly behind the band's raucous, fast-paced and highly energetic rock'n'roll.

Mixing the fury of hard'n'fast punk rock with nearly never-ending lead guitar fretwork, "Sin Salvation" rages along for its 36-minute running time like an out-of-control train ... yet the CD never slips into chaos. Each tune starts out at a furious pace and just races masterfully toward its conclusion. Maybe the train comparison isn't quite right - what about a well-tuned race car instead? (The CD is on Gearhead Records, after all). The Dragons are a tight, talented band and have been playing their brand of fiery rock'n'roll for over a decade now. That musical experience is apparent throughout "Sin Salvation."

It could be argued that there's not a lot of variety on the songs contained herein - but so what? The CD does what it's supposed to do throughout its 11 tracks - kick you consistently in the ass and not stop until the last note has faded.

The Dragons: Mario Escovedo - vocals, guitar; Ken Mochikoshi Horne - lead guitar; Steve Rodriguez - bass; Jarrod Lucas - drums.

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