"Until The End of Time" (Self-produced; 2003)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Over the past few years I haven't gone out of my way to listen to nu-metal or modern metal. Actually, for the most part, I have avoided those genres at (almost) all costs. Additionally, with the rap-metal and nu-metal genres beginning to wilt, I have even fewer reasons to follow those particular scenes. However, the modern metal tag is likely to stick with us for a while as it a broader based term that is capable of capturing a wider variety of musical forms especially in the heavy music arena.

Enter Madison, Wisconsin-based modern metallers Driver 13. Driver 13 have released "Until The End Of Time" and are making a push for the big-time. A quick spin of "Until The End Of Time" reveals the band's sound to be mix of Alice In Chains' heavy grunge, Godsmack-ized riffage, Engine's driving riffs (pun not intended), and a slight touch of Tool-inspired electronics and atmospherics. I used those four bands as reference points because I am familiar with them. If you, kind reader, are better versed in the nu-metal and modern metal genres then it is very likely that you would hear something entirely different when spinning "Until The End Of Time." While some bands wear their influences shamelessly on their sleeves it appears Driver 13 draw from a wealth of musical cloth to form the band's collective sound.

"Until The End Of Time" features nine tracks that clock in at nearly 34 minutes in length. I'm always spouting the number of tracks and the collective length of the music. What does it mean in this case? Well, it means for once an independent band has put together a good number of songs in a concise format. Great demos are made this way and "Until The End Of Time" is on its way to serving the purpose of a great demo -- to get said band noticed by fans and critics alike.

If modern metal and/or nu-metal is to progress in a logical, albeit linear, way then Driver 13ís "Until The End Of Time" might serve as a blueprint for established acts and up-and-comers to check out. Like others before me who have predicted such things I suspect Driver 13 will be signed to a major or mid-major label in the very near future.

"Until The End Of Time" was produced by Kerry Koppen, Mark Witcomb, and Danny Davis. For an independent recording "Until The End Of Time" has a professional and clear-cutting sound.

Driver 13: Shawn Brown on vocals, Kerry Koppen on guitars, Brian C on bass, Todd Anderson on drums, and Natural Selector on turntables.

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