"The Bee Made Honey in the Lion's Skull" (Southern Lord; 2008)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

"The Bee Made Honey in the Lion's Skull" succinctly captures an aura of desolation thanks to the album's unrushed atmosphere leading the experimental rock group Earth's collective headspace to a place where they clearly thrive. 

This heralded band's latest seven-track affair addresses a drone metal passed through transformation into expansive areas laden in swirls of ambient desert rock permeating with a distinct country twang and spaghetti western vibe, in turn composing a musical metamorphosis of seismic proportions. The use of deliberately slow tempos allow ample space for the abundant array of memorable musical phrases reliant on repetition to become ingrained into your collective conscious, while the mammoth undercurrent of organ and amplifier hum work in symbiosis to create a sound capable of maintaining the foreboding feel without overpowering the entire song. 

Encompassing the spirit of psychedelic rock with an Americana heartbeat, the cinematic yet stripped down textures and wide-open spaces created by Earth are equipped for and geared to reach down to the ends of the listener's musical mortal coil. 

Earth: Dylan Carlson - Fender Telecaster; Adrienne Davies - Drums; Steve Moore - Trombone & Wurlitzer; Don McGreevy - Fender Bass

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