"The Dark and the Divine" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Snidermann

There is something compelling about a band with a female singer who also plays the violin (and, oh yes, she does both very well).

The brainchild of progressive guitarist Andrew W. Bordoni, Earthcubed's "The Dark and the Divine" is an appropriately titled mix of strange yet fascinating, and excellently produced, songs with haunting vocals and strong, complex music. Sometimes, things seem to get a bit too pushy and even a little preachy, or maybe that's just the way it comes across. Regardless, Earthcubed is a very listenable disc, especially for fans of the progressive metal genre and of bands like Evanescence. 

Earthcubed: Kristin Lamb - vocals and violin; Andrew W. Bordoni - guitars; Matt Konfirst - guitars; Roman Nizolek - bass; Greg Rapp - drums. 

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