"Sleep of Reason" (Firebox; 2005)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Gothic Doom Metal. This is what The Eternal sound like. Want to hear more? I was going to play interactive charades with you and pull on my left ear and tell you the first word sounds like Dream and the second word Theater. You can hear that style of progressive music on this release. The doom part just means that it's Dream Theater watered down and spookier sounding.

The guitar is slow and brooding, the vocals are eerie but mesmerizing. The drums are a constant flow. The comparison to Dream Theater is not just pulled out of the blue. "Sleep of Reason" has that feel to it. You can hear it in the guitar pinches and simmering chords. The tracks on this CD seem to stew just below the surface; they never really jump up to grab you but instead pull you under to their realm.

I have never been a doom metal fan but I may have to start searching for this style of music in the back alleys of experimentation. The Eternal were born out of Cryptal Darkness, a doom metal band that hailed from Melbourne, Australia. The Eternal take you on a musical journey with a conceptual offering, much like Dream Theater, who use story to follow a path. On "Sleep of Reason," The Eternal lead you on a type of maze that dares you to look around the corner to see what is lurking just beyond.

I found myself using this disc as relaxation so that I could get the full effect. The dark moods and dark melodies are very memorable and strangely soothing.

The Eternal: Mark Kelson – vocals, guitar; Lincoln Bowen – guitar; James Hunt – bass; Marty O’Shea – drums; Chris Stevenson – keyboards.

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