"Inertia" (Virgin; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Practitioners of spongerock, sit up and take notice! Power pop can sound fresh and can sport that edge that sets it apart from all the other spongerock out there. Just take a listen to "Inertia" by The Exies.

"Inertia" is a collection of rock songs that are best described as power pop rockers. The good news is that "Inertia" never falls into the realm of boredom and sameness that so many clones of Blink 182 or Creed have. The songs on this CD always maintain either a rock-hard edge (i.e., "My Goddess") or an emotional edge (like on "Irreversible"). The songwriting and production are safe enough for radio audiences but unique enough to stand on their own.

True, the CD never gets better than its rousing first track, the aforementioned "My Goddess" (which is probably exactly why the video for that track is included on the enhanced portion of the CD), but it stays strong enough throughout to give it a leg up on the other power pop bands out there today.

The Exies: Scott Stevens - vocals, guitars; Freddy Herrera - bass; Dennis Wolf - drums, percussion; David Walsh - guitars, vocals. Also performing on the CD are: Matt Sereletic - keyboards, backing vocals; Noel Golden - background vocals; Mike Fasano - additional percussion.

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