"Kilt the Konvention" (Rockparade; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Ezperanza is advertised thusly at CDBaby.com: "As obnoxious as System Of A Down, as inspired as Pearl Jam, as powerful as Metallica - that's EZPERANZA."

Well, no.

First, Ezperanza's "Kilt the Konvention" is nowhere as obnoxious as, say, System of a Down's "Mezmerize." And that's a good thing, in my book. Although Ezperanza isn't afraid to bend the norms of rock'n'roll convention (twisting nu-metal, classic rock and heavy metal into a merrily accessible cacophony on this CD), they're not as nails-on-chalkboard as annoying as SOTD can be.

Second, they're not as inspired as Pearl Jam. In fact, they're probably more inspired than Pearl Jam, at least today's Pearl Jam, a band who have never matched the power, poignancy and intelligence of their first CD. Only time will tell how Ezperanza will fare with later CDs but at least on "Kilt the Konvention" they aren't afraid to experiment with up tempo music or to throw in well-worn but always effective rock clichés. Plus, the occasional glimmer of humor and sense of fun that Ezperanza displays is nowhere to be found on Pearl Jam's Gloomy Gus collections.

Finally, they're not as powerful as Metallica. Not even close really. They may be as powerful as Mudvayne, which ain't bad, but Metallica? No. Sorry. That isn't to say that they can't rock hard because they often do, most notably on "Drowning in Myself," "Vermilion," "Blow Me Away" and "Get Down." But Ezperanza's modern metal sound is never as heavy or as driving as Metallica's classic thrash fury. Think more along the lines of Disturbed, Mudvayne and Dope and you'll get a better idea.

So don't pay any attention to the advertising on CDBaby when you buy this CD (and, if you're a fan of any Inventive, bold and modern rock'n'roll, you really should). Instead, check out the band's website at the address below where their slogan is far more indicative of the band's real sound: "Ezperanza: The Site of Metal Rock Innovations."

Ezperanza: Jacek - vocals; Pötter - guitars; A. C. Caruso - bass; Dennis La Brea - drums.

For more information, check out http://www.ezperanza.com

"Kilt the Konvention" (Rockparade; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Ezperanza has all the tools to be a top notch rock'n'roll outfit. Unfortunately, I don't think they use all the tools available to them on their CD, "Kilt the Konvetion."

The song structure here is strong and you get the feeling the band really gets into what they are doing. Their talent is obvious throughout and they show a wide range of emotions. The rock is solid and the band sounds like they are having fun doing what they do. 

Still, as good as the music is, I was only hearing the songs; I did not feel the music. Even after a couple of plays, I did not get where Ezperanza was coming from or going to on "Kilt the Konvention." That may sound like metaphysical bullshit, but it really isn't. I simply did not connect with this CD.

"Kilt the Konvention" earns two and a half guitarsaws for some good work throughout. I just wish the CD had a little more spark.

Ezperanza: Jacek - vocals; Pötter - guitars; A. C. Caruso - bass; Dennis La Brea - drums.

For more information, check out http://www.ezperanza.com

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