"Slave to Nothing" (Solid State; 2014)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Fit for a King are Christian metal from Dallas, Texas. This is their second full length disc; their first was an EP and that was followed with a reissue of their first full-length disc after they got signed with Solid State Records. Heavy on the guitar and drums with face-spitting vocals, these guys will tear down your walls and smooth out the rubble with some clean melodies.

When the raw vocals come roaring in the music is heavy and sometimes djent. When the clean vocals gloss over the track, a more melodic tone can be heard. The mix is pretty even in its approach: you've got an angry side fighting with the calm. I'm digging their gig and glad I found out about them.

Christian metal isn't what it was a few years ago. This stuff is way heavier and although I can feel their passion of aggression I sometimes think bands like this get pushed into one type of genre because of the label "Christian." How can a band be Christian and sing about being a slave to sin? It's quite a feat to pull yourself from the Velcro and establish your lyrical content above what seems to be the same from other bands in this ever shrinking room but Fit for a King dig a little deeper when presenting their prose. The clean vocals, I feel, connect more with the listener and a few tracks are designed to do just that ... and they do.

FFAK were on the Warped Tour and that's where a lot of people got exposure to their sound. Since they've signed with a major label I'm sure they will reach more fans as they keep chugging along.

The band: Ryan Kibry - lead vocals; Bobby Lynge - guitar, backing vocals; Jared Easterling - drums, clean vocals and backing vocals; Ryan O'Leary - bass and clean vocals.

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