"Omega Wave" (Nuclear Blast; 2010)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Veterans of the golden era of Bay Area thrash metal Forbidden forge a welcomed comeback after a lengthy hiatus by throwing their hat into the revival ring on the 12-track affair "Omega Wave."

Championing their hometown sound with a focus on melody thanks to the band’s trademarked combination of flashy fretwork and histrionic vocals (“Adapt or Die,” “Forsaken at the Gates”), this quintet does a solid job of producing meat-and-potatoes headbanging material like a cross between Exodus, Testament, and Death Angel (“Overthrow,” “Swine”) with touches of progressive and power metal traipsing through the twin guitar tradeoffs (“Immortal Wounds”).

Providing a clean yet menacing attack, Foribidden is yet another old school band to arise from the where are they now file and come back to the scene with a renewed vigor.

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"Twisted Into Form" (Combat; 1990)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

These guys are from San Francisco and thrash metal is their forte. This disc was unleashed in 1990 and you can tell. "Twisted Into Form" was their second full length album and they italicize toward a more melodic and progressive fare with acoustic interludes they balance it very well.

Paul Bostaph beats the crap out of his drums on this disc as it's his last go around with Forbidden -- you might recognize his name as the stick splinterer now in Slayer. The music that this disc offers is straight forward heavy metal with some brutal guitar crunching along. The vocals soar above any singer I've heard in awhile; although they are airy in some spots they are still solid.

There are two instrumentals on this 50:09 timed battle on your brain. The first one is acoustic and leads into "Infinite" which rolls out the tanks of metal. The second is "Spiral Depression." Both are eerie sounding and I think it was the norm to have this sort of track on any heavy metal CD released in the 90s. The guitar is ripping in parts and when a solo comes up be prepared for a short but powerful blast of blistering notes that spray like a sparkler.

Initially known as Forbidden Evil before they shortened their name to Forbidden they were on hiatus but have resurfaced in recent years as their last album came out in 1997 titled "Green."

Forbidden: Russ Anderson – vocals; Craig Locicero – lead & 6 string acoustic guitars; Tim Calvert – lead, 6 & 12 string acoustic guitars; Paul Bostaph – drums; Matt Camacho – bass.

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