"Let Your Body Take Over" (Victory; 2006)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Yet another innocuous rock band released by Victory Records, the five guys from Minnesota who comprise Four Letter Lie do the Taking Back Sunday meets Hawthorne Heights act with dashes of Glassjaw and Coheed & Cambria peeking through the overwrought tracks here which at least are not as annoying as normal pseudo tough guy/angelic vocal tradeoffs heard on tracks like "Cowboys & Indians."

Despite the fact that these dudes have rad haircuts and look more well-groomed than Paris Hilton's pooch, the versatile musicianship displayed on cuts like "Full Tilt Boogie" trumps their gone-tomorrow look tenfold, while impassioned tunes like the title track and the driving "Tell Me Everything" illuminate this 12 track release's genre-shifting style and overall strong dynamic switches. 

Four Letter Lie is an acquired taste, leaning heavy on the Warped Tour punk and screamo/emo border, but there's enough good stuff inside "Let Your Body Take Over" to warrant repeated listens. 

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