"Super Real" (Self-produced; 2007)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Fans of Southern rockers like Lynyrd Skynyrd and Molly Hatchet rejoice! Freedom and Whiskey are here with "Super Real," another great collection of good ol' boy rock'n'roll.

Packed with fat riffs, bluesy harmonica, soulful leads and BBQ- and whiskey-drenched vocals, "Super Real" will give you a solid kick in the pants while keeping its heart firmly in the South. 

Vocalist Mark Hoekstra sounds at times like Molly Hatchet's Danny Joe Browne (as on the title track) and at others like Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top (as on "Too Far Gone.") Meanwhile, guitarist Chuck Mingis knows how to make the best of a lead and can make his guitar wail when necessary and carve out the rhythm when the time is right. Mingis also knows when to let the terrific backbone of Mike Huettig's drums and Bill Goins' s bass do most of the work. 

"Super Real" is never as heavy as Southern metal bands like Jackyl, but the comparisons to Molly Hatchet and especially Lynyrd Skynyrd stand. Fans of those bands and bands like the Allman Brothers and ZZ Top will definitely find "Super Real" to their taste.

Freedom and Whiskey: Chuck Mingis - guitar; Mark Hoekstra - lead vocals and harmonica; Mike Huettig - drums; Bill Goins - bass.

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