"Midnight Murder Mania" (Razorback)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Frightmare's "Midnight Murder Mania" is a no-holds-barred deathfest of roaring metal tunes dedicated to slasher films. Part death metal, part hardcore and part pure originality, "Midnight Murder Mania" isn't going to appeal to everyone but it's obvious this band just doesn't care. Their job is to kick solid ass and they do just that.

With songs entitled "Thorn in Their Side (The Slumber Party Massacre)," "Friday the 13th," "Slasher Holocaust," "The Prowler," "Be My Bloody Valentine" and "Black Christmas," there's no question where this band's lyrical content is going to be centered and it's a good thing the song titles tell you that, too. Because there's no way you can understand more than 10% of the vocals on this CD since they alternate between the growly, Cookie Monster and snorting pig demon styles. If those type of vocals are not to your liking then don't bother with "Midnight Murder Mania." There isn't a clean vocal style to be found here and - to make things worse - the lyrics aren't provided in the cover art.

However, if you can get past those vocals, "Midnight Murder Mania" offers some great music. The songs are all rippers, slowing down only rarely. The guitars are chunky and fast while solos appear liberally throughout - and I'm talking solos that make sense to the song, not just that are thrown in at the last minute because some producer wanted a solo here and there. The occasional sound clip from the films the songs are based upon also liven things up.

Also included is a cover of the Misfit's "Devilock" which is so fast and furious it's hardly recognizable as the same tune.

Bottom line: Death metal aficionados who are fans of the vocal styles on "Midnight Murder Mania" will find even more to like in the CD's guitar work and songwriting styles. Those who don't like death metal vocals might do best to steer away.

Frightmare: Maniac Neil - Lead Electric Drill, Murderous Confessions; Saw Boss - Flesh Ripping Chainsaw; Grisly Adams - Psychotic Ravings, Bloody Axe; Pulverizeher- Cranium Crushing Sledge Hammer whacks and Rapid Nailgun Blasts; Dean Stalkwell - Head Chopping Machete Attack.

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