"Not One Word Has Been Omitted" (Black Market Activities; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


From A Second Story Window is one of the latest entries in the expanding extreme metal scene. "Not One Word Has Been Omitted" is an EP and, despite its brevity, serves as an impressive introduction to this Ohio/Pennsylvania-based outfit.

From A Second Story Window find their roots in hardcore but in a much broader sense incorporate everything from death metal, grindcore, screamo, emo, and a few other genres as well albeit with a technical edge not quite heard before. From A Second Story Window push the boundaries of extreme music by stretching their songs in every direction possible without losing the crushing heart of each tune.

Lyrically, From A Second Story Window paints a very bleak picture. The vocals are predominantly hardcore screams with equally impressive smaller doses of death metal growls and grindcore-like serrated throat convulsions. Bleak indeed. Musically the band veers toward the post-hardcore sound created by Converge and Between The Buried And Me. And that to me is far more interesting than the original, traditional hardcore sound created way back in the day. I consider progression in any genre to be a good thing in metal – from the sound of it you can chalk From A Second Story Window to be one of the new leaders of a new sound.

"Not One Word Has Been Omitted" is not without it’s beautifully melodic moments, but they’re short (and blissfully sweet). As soon as the melodic moments cascade through your speakers the music crashes right back at you in waves of intense chaos and catharsis. One other feature of the band that should be noted is that the songs are fairly lengthy (for hardcore-based music anyway). This allows From A Second Story Window to develop each song with various emotional ups and downs.

"Not One Word Has Been Omitted" was produced by Cole Martinex and From A Second Story Window.

From A Second Story Window: Sean Vandergrift on vocals, Derek Vasconi and Rob Hileman on guitars, Joe Sudrovic on bass, and Nick Huffman on drums.

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