"50-50 Split" (Fivecore Records; 2007)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

I love the CD cover. Now, if Jamie Thomas could land a heelflip with a guitar skateboard… 

This CD is different because it combines two bands on one record, referring to the CD title, “50-50 Split.” Frontside Five has the opening slot with eight songs and McRad finishes the disc with eleven tracks. McRad has an interview and some other stuff for their half, but it’s all good.

Frontside Five is punk, alternative and hardcore. You didn’t think I was going to list country western in there did you? Frontside Five pretty much destroys their instruments and screams out skateboard rants for their part. The guitar is pretty good and has some blistering solos. I was surprised.

McRad are punk, rock and hardcore. I couldn’t really get into their music primarily because it never gets started; there isn’t any rhythm or flow to a song. A riff might start but who knows where it goes. The vocals are weird -- the vocalist doesn’t really sing; instead, he talks and echoes his voice. One song, “Hesitation,” doesn't even sound like the same band as the other tracks. It should be their single.

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"Fall Out of Line" (Fivecore Records; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


"Fall Out of Line" is skate punk at its finest. Raging guitars, attitude-laden vocals, fast-paced songs and lyrics about such varied topics as skating, drinking, sex, conspiracies and nuking your neighbors(!).

Unlike too much skate punk out there, "Fall Out of Line" is neither too sticky sweet or too chaotically noisy. Instead, it's just pure rock'n'roll, unfiltered by dreams of radio airplay or by illusions of "keeping it real." The CD is rather well-produced, especially for a skate punk CD, and that's another of its bonuses. As are the occasional, but welcome, guitar solos.

"Fall Out of Line" is just the CD you want to have in your car when the guy next to you pulls up, blasting his rap or Tony Bennett CD. No matter how much power his car stereo has, you'll be louder with "Fall Out of Line" blasting from yours.

Frontside Five: Brandon Stolz - vocals; Brooke Crawford - bass; Bart McCrorey - guitar; RobDogg - drums; Shane Henry - guitars.

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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