"Out in the Cold" (Screaming Ferret; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


Frost, as in guitarist Jack Frost, has performed in such well-known metal bands as Seven Witches, The Bronx Casket Company, and even Metalium for a short while. This is his second album under the name Frost and fans of the previously mentioned bands will find plenty to their liking here.

With virtually an entirely different line-up on each and every track, Jack Frost and company pound through eleven tracks on "Out in the Cold," with most of the songs being late in the style of late 80s/early 90s heavy metal. Out of the those eleven tracks, three are cover tunes and eight are originals. The originals range from the classic metal sound to a funkier classic rock sound, with each sounding a little different than the last thanks to the revolving band members, especially the guys at the microphone. Performing vocals on "Out in the Cold" are such well-known singers as Ted Poley, Paul Shortino, Alan Tecchio, Neil Turbin, Terry Ilous, Dale Toth and Jeff Martin. Even Frost himself gives it a try on a cover of 38 Special's "Hold on Loosely."

As you might expect, Frost's guitars are the real stars here, delivering razor-edged riffs, blistering leads and chunky rhythms throughout. 

"Out in the Cold" is an all-star recording with just slightly less than all star results. Again, fans of the other bands that Frost has performed in will probably be able to bang their head throughout most of the tracks here, although a piano version of Seven Witches' classic "Passage to the Other Side" (listed here as "Passage to the Classical Side") slows things down a bit too much.

Performing on "Out in the Cold" are (take a deep breath!): Guitars: Jack Frost; Vocals: Ted Poley, Allen Tecchio, Neil Turbin, Terry Ilous, Dale Toth, Paul Shortino, Jeff Martin, Jack Frost; Bass: Dennis Hayes, Kevin Bolembach, Mike LePond, Mike Duda, Rev Jones, Joey Vera; Drums: Patrick Johansson, Jeff Curneton, Chuck White; Keyboards: Eric Ragno.

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"Raise Your Fist to Metal" (Noise/Sanctuary; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


"Raise Your Fist to Metal" is a fun and hard-rocking metal album that's loaded with every metal cliché in the book. If you're like me, you're gonna eat it up.

Fat with chunky chords, throbbing riffs, anthem-like choruses, searing leads and epic vocals, "Raise Your Fist to Metal" will have you doing just what the title requires.

The all-star musicians performing on this CD deliver just what most fans of this type of metal are looking for: are looking for: a bigger-than-life sound that uses 80s metal as springboard. There are even a couple of covers - one of Kansas's "Fight Fire With Fire" and one or Ratt's "Lack of Communication" (easily the rawest, roughest track on the CD.)

"Raise Your Fist to Metal" offers nothing new or especially original but, believe it or not, that's what makes it so much fun.

Performing on "Raise Your Fist to Metal" are Jack Frost, Mike Duda, Harry Hess, Gonzo Sandoval, Joey Vera, Mike LePond, Joe Comeau, Johnny Dee, Bobby Lucas, Rob Rock, Steve Braun, Billy Childs and Jack Emrick. 

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