"Stick It" (Perris; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

After freshly listening to Funny Money's self-titled debut CD again, I was ready for "Stick It!," an album that followed the band's debut by nearly ten years, to be disappointing. I just didn't think Whiteman and company could keep up the energy level necessary to deliver yet another collection of fun, kick-ass songs, especially since there had been a few line-up changes since 1996.

But, with former Kix drummer Jimmy Chalfant joining Whiteman, Rob Galpin and Mark Schenker, "Stick It!" surprised me. Not only did it have just as much energy as previous Funny Money CDs, I actually found myself enjoying it more.

"Stick It!" seems to have crunchier guitars and edgier songs than previous Funny Money CDs. The band still maintains their sense of humor and their light-hearted charisma but, for the most part, the songs on "Stick It!" are just a little heavier. Of course, "heavier" is a relative term here. Think something along the lines of Kiss's "Destroyer" (yet not nearly as dark) and you get the general idea.

Fans of the bands previous CDs will find "Stick It!" even more enjoyable than the band's previous works, and Kix fans will thrilled to discover that, although Kix may be gone, Funny Money has picked up their torch and carried it on.

Funny Money: Steve Whiteman - lead vocals; Rob Galpin - guitar; Mark Schenker - bass; Jimmy Chalfant - drums

"Funny Money" (Perris; 1996)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

When Kix called it quits, frontman Steve Whiteman decided to move on. He founded a new band, Funny Money, and they went on to record this self-titled album and several others. 

The good news for Kix fans is that, if you like the good time rock'n'roll that Kix was famous for, you're going to love Funny Money (both the band and the CD). In fact, Funny Money sounds more than a little like Kix. Of course, much of that has to do with lead vocalist Steve Whiteman being once again at the mike but it's also the band's attitude. One gets the impression that Funny Money doesn't take themselves too seriously, and tracks like "Boogie Man" bear that out. It's refreshing to hear a band that's having fun.

The downside here is the same downside that Kix had: The music is sometimes just a little too tame and orderly. Funny Money (and Kix) played rock'n'roll that was exceptionally melodic and radio friendly. It simply may not be heavy or edgy enough for some people. But then again, it's not supposed to be. That wouldn't be like Kix and that wouldn't be like Funny Money, either.

Perris Records re-packaged and re-released this CD in 2007 with one bonus track.

Money: Steve Whiteman - vocals and harp; Billy Andrews - guitar and background vocals; Dean Cramer - guitar and background vocals; Ned Meloni - bass and background vocals; Geoff Burell - drums.

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