"Beyond What's Become" (Self-produced; 2002)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The Furnace's "Beyond What's Become" is an efficient collection of modern metal. It's not quite nu-metal, like Disturbed, but rather closer to the more rock-ish sound of Godsmack. 

The band is solid enough and the songs contained herein are entertaining, if not terribly original. Interestingly, the CD's stand-out track is a cover of Flock of Seagull's "I Ran."

Subsequent listenings uncover nuances and atmosphere that weren't so obvious the first time around and that's a good thing, indicating that the music on "Beyond What's Become" is somewhat more sophisticated than it originally appeared. Still, a little more variety would do the band good, as would an experienced producer and, of course, the oh-so-allusive funding needed to procure such a producer. 

Still, The Furnace is an obviously talented band and "Beyond What's Become" a pretty good CD. I'll be interested to see what their future holds for them.

The CD also features a full-length video for the song "Look Down Upon Me."

The Furnace: David Armstrong - lead vocals; Paul Burch - drums; Dan Drago - guitars; Dave Garcia - bass; Casey Weaver - guitars, vocals.

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