G3 "Live in Tokyo" (Sony)

GABRIEL'S PATH "Washed Away" (Self-released)

GALACTIC COWBOYS "At the End of the Day" (Metal Blade)

GALACTIC COWBOYS "Let It Go" (Metal Blade)

ERIC GALES "That's What I Am" (Nightbird / MCA)

DIM GALL "One Horn Guitar" (Self-released)

RORY GALLAGHER "Live at Montreux" (Eagle)

GALLERY OF MITES "Bugs on the Bluefish" (MeteorCity)

GALNERYUS "The Punishment of the Flag" (VAP)

GAMA BOMB "Citizen Brain" (Earache)

GAMA BOMB "Sea Savage" (Prosthetic Records)

GAMA BOMB "Tales from the Grave in Space" (Earache)

GAMMA RAY "Blast From the Past" (Noise Records)

GAMMA RAY "Power Plant" (Noise Records)

GAMMA RAY "Skeletons in the Closet" (Sanctuary / Metal-Is)

GAMMA RAY "To the Metal" (Earmusic)

THE GAMMA RAYS / HIGH  SCHOOL HELLCATS "Split Personality" (Vile Beat Records)

GANDALF "Rock Hell" (Earache/Wicked World)

GANDHI'S GUN "Subject to Change" (Self-produced)

GANDHI'S GUNN "The Longer the Beard, the Harder the Sound" (Taxi Driver Records)

GANG GREEN "Older ... Budweiser" (Metal Mind)

VICTOR GANN "The Devil's Been Busy" (Self-released)

VICTOR GANN "Victor Gann" (Self-released)

GANON "As Above, So Below" (Acerbic Noise Development)

GARBAGE "Garbage" (Almo Sounds)

GARDENIAN "Sindustries" (Nuclear Blast)

GARDENIAN "Soulburner" (Nuclear Blast)

GARDEN OF SHADOWS "Oracle Moon" (Earache/Wicked World)

GARGAMEL "Fields of Happy" (Better Than Your Music Music)

GASHEAD "The Isolationist" (HapiSkratch Music / Fist Records)

GASHEAD "Knuckles Avec Sombreros" (HapiSkratch Music / Fist Records)

THE GATES OF SLUMBER "Hymns of Blood and Thunder" (Metal Blade)

THE GATHERING "Black Light District" (Psychonaut Records)

THE GATHERING "if_then_else" (Century Media)

THE GATHERING "How to Measure a Planet" (Century Media)

THE GATHERING "Mandylion" (Century Media)

THE GATHERING "Nighttime Birds" (Century Media)

GAT-ROT "Us Versus Them" (Rotten)

GAUNTLET "The Comeback" (self-produced)

GAUNTLET "Path of Nails" (self-produced)

GAUNTLET "Stubburn" (self-produced)

GAUNTLET "What Doesn't Kill Us" (self-produced)

G.B.H. "Race Against Time - The Complete Clay Recordings" (Sanctuary)

GEARED 4 "Breaking the Mould" (Self-produced)

GEARED 4 "Natural Selection" (Self-produced)

GEIN AND THE GRAVEROBBERS "Gruesome Twosome" (Necro-Tone)

GEISER "Bipolar" (Self-produced)

GEISHA "Die Verbrechen der Liebe" (Crucial Blast)

GEIST "Galeere" (Lupus Lounge)

GEMINI FIVE "Babylon Rockets" (Cleopatra)

GEMINUS SECT "Gemination" (Sin Klub)

GENERICA "Motions of Theory" (Self-produced)

GENERATION LANDSLIDE "Ruling the Street Scene" (Vic Records)

GENEROUS MARIA "Command of the New Rock" (LunaSound)

GENGHIS TRON "Cloak of Love" (Crucial Blast)

GET BACK UP "Weathering the Storm" (Organized Crime Records)

GET SCARED "Built for Blame, Laced with Shame" (Gray Area Records)

G-FORCE "Code Red" (Self-produced)

G.F.I. "Porn Again" (Self-released)

G.F.P.M. "Are You Ready for Popo Love?" (Ohne Maulkorb)

G.F.P.M. "Mushroom Cloud Messiah" (Ohne Maulkorb)

G.F.P.M. "Tape La Muerte" (Demo)

G.G. ELVIS AND THE TCP BAND "Back from the Dead" (Mental)

GHOST "Meliora" (Loma Vista Recordings)

GHOST LIMB "Bearing and Distance" (Level Plane)

GHOST MACHINERY "Haunting Remains" (Sound Riot)

GHOST ORGY "Lullabies for Lunatics" (Self-released)

GIANT BRAIN "Plume" (Small Stone)

GIANT MONSTERS ON THE HORIZON "Live from Night City" (1196733 Records)

GIANT SQUID "Metridium Fields" (The End)

BILLY F. GIBBONS "Hardware" (Concord Records)

MICHAEL GIBBONS "Believe" (Self-produced)

GIDEON'S PAWN "The Full Twelve Inches" (Levon Black Records)

PAUL GILBERT "Get Out of My Yard" (Shrapnel)

GILLAN "The Glory Years" (Eagle Vision)

IAN GILLAN "Gillan's Inn" (Immergent)

IAN GILLAN "Gillan's Inn - Deluxe Tour Edition" (Immergent)

IAN GILLAN "Live in Anaheim" (Edel)

IAN GILLAN "One Eye To Morocco" (Eagle)

GIRTH "The Sweetness of Rejection" (K.O. Records)


GIVEN WITH HONOR "The New Beginning Is Gone" (Record Records)

GIVE UP THE GHOST "Year One" (Bridge Nine)

GIVE US BARABBAS "Luke 23:18" (Ever Reviled)

GIZMACHI "The Imbuing" (Sanctuary)

GIZMACHI "Omega Kaleid" (CEN)

GLADYSS PATCHES "A Wish This Simple" (N'Focus Entertainment)

G.L.A.S. "18" (Self-produced)

GLASSEATER "Everything is Beautiful When You Don't Look Down" (Victory)

GLASSJAW "Everything You Wanted to Know About Silence" (Roadrunner)

GLORY OF THIS "Adoration" (Indianola)

GLYDER "Backroads to Byzantium" (SPV)

GLUECIFER "Automatic Thrill" (SPV / Steamhammer)

GLYDER "Glyder" (Bad Reputation / True Talent)

GLYDER "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (SPV)

GNAW "This Face" (Conspiracy)

GNOSTIC "Hatewar 666" (Infernos Rex)

GOATWHORE "A Haunting Curse" (Metal Blade)

GOATWHORE "Carving Out the Eyes of God" (Metal Blade)

GOATSNAKE "Trampled Under Hoof" (Southern Lord)

GOD AMONG INSECTS "World Wide Death" (Candlelight USA / Threeman)

GOD DETHRONED "Bloody Blasphemy" (Metal Blade)

GOD DETHRONED "Into the Lungs of Hell" (Metal Blade)

GOD DETHRONED "Ravenous" (Metal Blade)

THE GODDAMNED "Damned" (Self-produced)

GODDESS OF DESIRE "Symbol of Triumph" (Metal Blade Records)

GOD FIRES MAN "A Billion Balconies Facing the Sun" (In De Goot)


GODHEAD "2000 Years of Human Error" (Priority Records)

GODHEAD "Evolver" (Reality-Entertainment)

GODHEAD "Power Tool Stigmata" (Sol 3 Records)

GODHEAD "The Shadow Line" (Cement Shoes)

GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT "Origins" (Rocket Girl)

GOD LIVES UNDERWATER "Up Off the Floor" (Locomotive / Megaforce)

GODSMACK "1000hp" (Spinefarm)

GODSMACK "IV" (Universal/Republic)

GODSMACK "Awake" (Universal/Republic)

GODSMACK "Faceless" (Universal/Republic)

GODSMACK "Godsmack" (Republic/Universal)

GODSMACK "The Other Side" (Universal/Republic)

GODS OF FIRE "Wrath of the Gods" (Black Thirteen Recording Company)

GODYVA "In Good and Evil" (Razor Ice)

THE GODZ "Twenty-Five Moore Years" (Outlaw)

GOJIRA "From Mars to Sirius" (Listenable)

GOJIRA "The Way of All Flesh" (Prosthetic)

THE GOLDEN GODS "The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll" (24 Hour Entertainment)

GOLD STAR "Demo 2003" (Demo)

GOLD STAR "Demo 2004" (Demo)

GOLEM "Dreamweaver" (Nuclear Blast)

GO LIKE HELL "Hell Bent Rock'n'Roll" (Buttermilk)

GOMORAH "By the Means of Violence" (Metalhit.com)

GOOD CHARLOTTE "The Chronicles of Life and Death" (Epic)

GOOD CHARLOTTE "Good Charlotte" (Daylight/Epic)

GOOD CHARLOTTE "Good Morning Revival" (Epic / Daylight)

GOOD RIDDANCE "The Republic" (Fat Wreck)

GOODNESS "Anthem" (Immortal/Epic)

GOO GOO DOLLS "Dizzy Up the Girl" (Warner Bros.)

GOO GOO DOLLS "Gutterflower" (Warner Bros.)

GOO GOO DOLLS "Let Love In" (Warner Bros.)

GORDIAN KNOT "Emergent" (Sensory Records)

GORDIAN KNOT "Gordian Knot" (Sensory Records)

FLESH GORDON "Flesh Gordon - Sampler" (Self-produced)

GOREFEST "Rise to Ruin" (Candlelight)

GORGOROTH "Incipit Satan" (Nuclear Blast)

GORKY PARK "Gorky Park" (Mercury)

GOROD "Transcendence" (Self-produced)

GOV'T MULE "Deja Voodoo" (ATO)

GPS "Window to the Soul" (Inside Out Music)

GRACEPOINT "Science of Discontent" (Candlewax Records)

GRADE 8 "Grade 8" (Lava)

GRAF ORLOCK "Destination Time Yesterday" (Level Plane)

GRAFTING THE VINE "Golden Gate" (2106648 Records DK2)

GRAHAM BONNET BAND "Live in Tokyo 2017" (Frontiers Music SRL)

GRAND ALCHEMIST "Intervening Coma - Celebration" (Sound Riot)

GRAND SLAM "Slam Anthems" (Cleopatra)

GRAVE "Fiendish Regression" (Century Media)

GRAVE "Dominion VIII" (Regain)

GRAVE DIGGER "Liberty or Death" (Locomotive)

GRAVE DIGGER "Rheingold" (Nuclear Blast)

MICHALE GRAVES "Return to Earth" (Horror High)

GRAVEYARD RODEO "On The Verge" (Century Media)

THE GRAVITY GUILD "The Great Divide" (High Gravity Music)

GRAVY "Fourteen" (Rockwood)

GRAY CELL GREEN "Train of Thought" (Demo)

THE GREAT DECEIVER "Terra Incognito" (Peaceville)

THE GREAT KAT "Beethoven's Guitar Shred" (TPR)

THE GREAT KAT "Bloody Vivaldi" (Blood and Guts)

THE GREAT KAT "Castration" Video

THE GREAT KAT "Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro Ovetrure" (TPR)

THE GREAT KAT "Rossini's Rape" (TPR/Blood and Guts)

THE GREAT KAT "Torture Chamber" Video

THE GREAT KAT "Wagner, Goddess, Chopin and Shredderrific" (TPR)

THE GREAT KAT "Wagner's War" (TPR)


THE GREAT KAT "William Tell Overture" Video (TPR)

THE GREAT KAT "Zapateado" Video (TPR)

GREAT WHITE "Greatest Hits" (Capitol)

GREAT WHITE "Rising" (Sharpnel)

GREEN DAY "21st Century Breakdown" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "American Idiot" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "Bullet in a Bible" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "Insomniac" (Reprise)

GREEN DAY "Nimrod" (Reprise)

GREENHAVEN "Southbound" (Humble Records)

GREENLEAF "Agents of Ahriman" (Small Stone)

DAVID GREGORISCH "Dissecting the Frog" (Hi-Gain Records)

GRENOUER "Lifelong Days" (Locomotive)

GRENOUER "The Odour O'Folly/Gravehead" (Copro)

GRENOUER "Presence With War" (Self-produced)

GRENOUER "Try" (Self-produced)

GRETA VAN FLEET "Anthem of the Peaceful Army" (Republic)

GRETA VAN FLEET "The Battle at Garden's Gate" (Lava Music)

GRETA VAN FLEET "From the Fires" (Republic)

GRETA VAN FLEET "Starcatcher" (Lava Music)

DORIAN GREY "Semjaza" (Dorian Grey)

GRIEF OF WAR "A Mounting Crisis ... As Their Fury Got Released" (Prosthetic)

GRIEF OF WAR "Worship" (Prosthetic)

GRIMNER "Frost Mot Eld" (Despotz)

GRIMMSTINE "Grimmstine" (Self-released)

GRINSPOON "Licker Bottle Cozy" (Grudge/Universal Records)

GRIP, INC. "Incorporated" (SPV / Steamhammer)

GRIP, INC. "Power Of Inner Strength" (Metal Blade/Priority)

GRIZ "My Revolution" (Ragin' Grace)

GROUPOEM "Dirt Church" (Red Cab Records)

GROOVE KITCHEN "Poor White Trash" (Gravy Kookie/Sub Human Records)

GROOVENICS "Groovenics" (Eagle Rock)

GROOVIE GHOULIES "Appetite for Adrenochrome" (Lookout)

GROOVIE GHOULIES "Monster Club" (Springman Records)

GRUDGE "Forgiveness" (House of Hits)

GRYN "Our New Earth" (Last Beat Records)

GRYP "Gryp" (W Records)

GUARDIAN "Fire and Love" (Pakaderm)

GUARDIAN "The Yellow and Black Attack Is Back" (M8)

TOM GUERRA "All of the Above" (Casa Del Soul Productions)

TOM GUERRA "American Garden" (Casa Del Soul Productions)

TOM GUERRA "Sentimental Junk" (Casa Del Soul Records)

TOM GUERRA "Sudden Signs of Grace" (Casa Del Soul Records)

TOM GUERRA "Trampling Out the Vintage" (Casa Del Soul Productions)


GUILD OF AGES "Vox Dominatas" (MTM)

GULCH "Uphill Both Ways" (Self-produced)

GUILLOTINE "Blood Money" (Pulverized)

GUILT MACHINE "On This Perfect Day" (Mascot)

TREY GUNN "Music for Pictures" (7d Media)

GUNS N'ROSES "Appetite for Destruction" (Geffen)

GUNS N'ROSES "Chinese Democracy" (Interscope)

GUNS N'ROSES "Greatest Hits" (Geffen)

GUNS N'ROSES "Live Era '87 - '93" (Geffen)

GUT "Gut" (Demo)

GUT "Shrubbery" (Fat Togue)

GWAR "Battle Maximus" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "Battle Maximus: 10th Anniversary Edition" (Pit Records)

GWAR "Beyond Hell" (DRT)

GWAR "Bloody Pit of Horror" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "The Disc with No Name" (Pit Records)

GWAR "The New Dark Ages" (Pit Records)

GWAR "Scumdogs XXX Live" (Pit Records)

GWAR "This Toilet Earth" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "Violence Has Arrived" (Metal Blade)

GWAR "War Party" (DRT)

GWAR "We Kill Everything" (Metal Blade)

GYPSY PISTOLEROS "Para Siempre" (Bad Reputation)

GYRE "Second Circle" (Monolith Records)

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