"Washed Away" (Self-released; 2006)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, underground stalwarts Gabriel’s Path mixes and balances metalcore and death metal to good effect. “Washed Away” is a six-track EP just shy of a half-hour that shows promise for four young musicians seeking their way in the troubled waters of modern metal.

While nothing is outwardly stunning, Gabriel’s Path demonstrate themselves to be competent musicians and reasonably good songwriters. “Ob of Sequism” (cool title, no?) is the best of the lot as it is both unique compared to the other five tracks and it has more of a Meshuggah/Fear Factory approach that pleases my ears.

The tracks are generally paced at blistering speeds as the drums are particularly hyper-kinetic. Gabriel’s Path provide brief moments of low-key respite which only heightens the bands more aggressive moments. The guitars/bass toe the line of standard fare in the metalcare/death sub-genre. The dual vocals, the yin and yang of the hardcore shouts and death metal screams, give the songs depth.

Gabriel’s Path appears to have disbanded; no need to estimate the band’s chances for success as they’ve decided that themselves. At the time of this writing there appears to be no new word of the band members’ current projects.

“Washed Away” was produced by Gabriel’s Path; the production is great for an independent release and goes a long way to showing the overall sonic impact of Gabriel’s Path.

Gabriels Path: Mike Fornwalt on guitar and vocals, Kyle Moeller on guitar and vocals, Daniel Alvarez on bass, and Bogdan Duncan on drums.

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