"Gruesome Twosome" (Necro-Tone; 2007)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Gein and the Graverobbers are a heavy, surf-instrumental band from Massachusetts. Their influences include Dick Dale, Glenn Danzig, Slayer and Iron Maiden. 

"Gruesome Twosome" is actually a two disc collection of previously released material, including their “Songs in the Key of Evil” album from 2003, “The Passion of the Anti-Christ” album from 2005 and all of the songs off of the now out of print “Humanoids From the Deep” seven inch from 2000. 

The band likes to wear zombie make-up on stage and have a horror theme running throughout their songs, all of which have titles like “The Hungry Grave” and “A Night on Route 666.” The music is founded on classic surf acts like the Ventures and Dick Dale yet they Gein and his crew crank up the speed, toss in some heaviness and don’t let up. 

When I first heard mentions of a surf band that was influenced by Iron Maiden I was skeptical. Yet it’s true; this band doesn't sound exactly like Maiden of course but it’s the twists, turns and form that brings that band to mind. I love the deep, heavy almost stripped down sound that they seemed to have mastered. A number of today’s heavy surf bands have a similar stuff, but Gein and the Graverobbers have mastered it. 

You can hear the progression of their sound as the songs from “Humanoids from the Deep” are raw and have an undeniable power while those from “Songs in the Key of Evil” have a slightly slicker production and the pace changes are more frequent. The band has even begun to develop a groove at times. “The Passion of the Anti-Christ” is still heavier with a deep, richer sound and they mix up the style more often. 

This band is one of my favorite current surf bands because they have an undeniable flair and they are continually trying to reach out and perfect their approach. 

Gein and the Graverobbers: Gein - Lead Guitar; Myra - Rhythm Guitar; Kemper - Bass; Sloth - Drums.

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