"The Sweetness of Rejection" (K.O. Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Girth does what many aggressive bands can't: They get their message across without sacrificing melody or songwriting style and they do it without losing any of their inherent power.

"The Sweetness of Rejection" is full of brutal riffs, pounding bass and thundering drums, but it also comes across as insightful and (although I hate to use the word for fear of it being misinterpreted) accessible. This is a more impressive accomplishment than it may sound. Many tracks, such as the blistering "Emptiness," are front-loaded with riffs of flesh ripping speed and roaring vocals that would tear the throat out of any lesser singer. Yet it isn't just the furious noise that so many bands pass off as symbols of their rage. Instead, the songs on "The Sweetness of Rejection" are just that: songs. Well-structured, head-bangable and hook-laden (without ever coming close to becoming whorish attempts at radio airplay). And there is an undeniable maturity in both the band's lyrics and their overall sound that is refreshing.

My favorite songs on the CD are the crushing "Sinner," the haunting "The Only One" and "Payback," which sounds a little like the rock'n'roll equivalent of a tornado. But there isn't a bad track on the CD. With "The Sweetness of Rejection," Girth isn't afraid to tread where other bands will not and the result is a unique and rewarding listening experience.

Girth: Dan Potter - vocals; Pat Mahnke - guitars; Toby Rogusta - drums; Adam Rich - bass.

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