"Backroads to Byzantium" (SPV; 2011)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Glyder returns with a blue collar hard rock sound on the group’s latest 10-track excursion "Backroads to Byzantium."

Liberally taking from Thin Lizzy’s distinguished twin-guitar melodic thrust (“Don’t Make Their Mistake,” “Long Gone”) with touches of Skynyrd’s southern charm (“End of the Line”), this fellow Irish band's contrived lyrical approach (“Down and Out”) and single-minded devotion to the 70s arena rock era (“Even if I Don’t Know Where I’m Going”) is performed with gusto and peppered with good intent but ultimately comes off as all too familiar and distinctly unoriginal sans the multi-vocal and acoustic Clapton-esque arrangement of “Motions of Time.”

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"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (SPV; 2010)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Glyder is a hard rock quartet from Ireland who share many traits of fellow statesmen Thin Lizzy as heard on their 10-track offering "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

This troupe nails the tender ballad shuffle (“Back to the Water”) and passionate delivery of Lynott and company (“Always the Loser”) with a hodgepodge of 70s guitar rock muscle rounding out their stellar approach (“Knockout”).

Displaying the knack to delve into the past and piece together catchy hard rock anthems and whiskey-fueled rockers alike, Glyder’s blend of retro rock gallops with a gritty attitude when not replicating nuances from the bag of tricks of their direct influences.

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"Glyder" (Bad Reputation / True Talent; 2006)

Reviewed by Edwin Van Hoof

Glyder is one of few bands to come out of Ireland and claim world wide fame with their music. Hailing from the emerald Isle, they certainly have the influences and spirit of a certain rock pioneer present on this remarkable debut. I don’t know if these guys will make it to shoot to the top, but the ingredients are there!

The band immediately shifts into gear with the energetic rocker “Colour of Money” with some serious close harmony guitars. “Saving Face” and “You Won't Bring Me Down” are honest, energy-injected rockers with powerful riffs and explosive bass and drums. 

The voice of bass player Tony Cullen is moaning and expressive, perfectly suiting the music. Though it perhaps lacks the power you would expect, his voice is true and fits the profile and music and is easy enough to get used to. 

But it is the remarkable guitar harmonies that make the difference here, reviving the band's mighty predecessor from Ireland, Thin Lizzy. On the mighty “Pup," for example, which is boosted by swinging guitars and folk influences from the old days. 

Even Phil’s mum Philomena Lynott claimed this band revived the vibe of the mighty Thin Lizzy, saying she experienced the same shivers as when she saw her son perform! (check out their homepage for the article!) That being the biggest compliment ever, it not only suits the band, it also does justice. 

“Die or Dance” is a perfect example in which Thin Lizzy’s spirit meets the present! Or the absolutely amazing “Neutral Coloured Life” with its acoustic intro piece that bridges to a Lynott infected, guitar driven melodic rocker. Not as cocky as the rest, it will attract a lot of music fans. 

Mid tempo tracks like the highway rocker “She’s Got It”, the ear tingling “Stargazer” with its hit potential, or the 70s rooted, slightly psychedelic retro rocker “Takin’ Off,” all add up to a great and diverse album. 

On "Glyder," sheer power and passion, semi ballads and groovy rockers are thrown together to create a fine ride through time and it's all presented in the best imaginable sound thanks to the production of the great Chris Tsangrides (Judas Priest, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, etc).

This self-titled debut is one that can be placed on the top shelf alongside bands like Silvertide and Cry Of Love. Amped up rock'n'roll, so pure and so true at heart, it makes fans weep! Unlike many other CDs however, Glyder keeps growing on you with every spin of the disc. 

Glyder definitely claims their place in rock with this extraordinary debut.

Glyder: Tony Cullen - vocals and bass; Davy Ryan - drums; Pete Fisher - guitar; BAT - guitar and Backing vocals.

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