"Hatewar 666" (Infernos Rex; 2006)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

The bottom line is that Gnostic’s brand of black metal is old-school – very old-school – in its approach, esthetics, and sound. The band even takes pains to describe themselves as “black fucking war metal” – a pretty apt description in my opinion.

Everything Gnostic does harkens back to the days of early Mayhem, Venom, Hellhammer, Possessed, and early Celtic Frost. As such, Gnostic plough ground already trod upon but with enough respect as to not seem ridiculous. “Hatewar 666” features a low-resolution sound that pays homage to the style (and limitations) of the original black metal scene. Obviously, the material on “Hatewar 666” lacks precision, but more than makes up for it with blindingly chaotic energy, swirling noise, and full-tilt bombast. Gnostic’s passion for old-school black metal seems sincere – that’s got to count for something.

“Hatewar 666” features unreleased tracks, a couple of re-recorded tracks, and a re-issue of previously released material (all of the material is assumed to be hard to find). The last half of the disc, the “Bloodwars of the Heretic Supremacy” is the most satisfying.

“Hatewar 666” will not be appreciated by many – however, if you are enamored with the old-school black metal sound that this disc is a “must” for your collection.

Gnostic: Lord Magus Obliterater on bass and vocals, Grimlord Necroghoul on guitars, Blasphemous Inferno on guitars, and Lord Vistigium on drums.

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