"Up Off the Floor" (Locomotive / Megaforce; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

It's been six years between studio albums for God Lives Underwater. The band has been through a lot since their last CD, "Life in the So-Called Space Age," was released in 1998 and the music industry has changed dramatically. So the question has to be asked: Will God Lives Underwater still be as cutting edge and as solidly alternative as they were in 1998? The answer is, for the most part, a resounding yes.

With "Up Off the Floor," God Lives Underwater explores both the dark and light sides of the human experience. The CD examines death, addiction, and the consequences of both. It's a wide open wound study of stark human emotion, made all the more unique by the band's usual, industrial-leaning sound. One might think that the shockingly honest and open lyrical content would sound phony or hollow when combined with the band's well-known industrial sound. Instead, the juxtaposition works brilliantly, giving the entire CD a dark, bleak sound that only enhances the entire listening experience. Speaking of bleak, much has been made of this CD's production which is as raw as the subject matter. I think that was perhaps the point.

What might affect the opinion of new listeners is that, in the years between God Lives Underwater CDs, this particular type of music has grown in popularity. Although God Lives Underwater still has their own sound, they're not quite as anomalous as they once were. And a few of the songs seem to plod on endlessly; they would have been better served with a somewhat quicker pace. 

Still, fans of previous God Lives Underwater albums will no doubt find "Up off the Floor" to their liking. Let's hope it's not another seven years before we hear from this band again.

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