"Twenty-Five Moore Years" (Outlaw Entertainment; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The Godz were originally signed to Casablanca Records (the house built by KISS) in 1977. Although the band never enjoyed huge, KISS-like, success, they deservedly developed an underground fan base that to this day supports the band wherever they go and whatever they do.

"Twenty-Five Moore Years" is, as you might guess from its title, a retrospective of the band's lengthy history and a celebration of their continued success. The first CD of this two disc set contains songs from throughout the band's history and what's most telling here is the fact the Godz vintage stuff (i.e., "Hey, Mama," "Criminal Mind") sounds a lot like their new stuff ("Wastin'" "Your Turn to Cry"). In other words, the band has remained true to their sound throughout their long history - probably one of the main reasons their considerable fan base stays intact.

Another reason is that the band's bluesy, Southern-tinged rock'n'roll has never ... and probably never will ... go out of style. The songs on "Twenty-Five Moore Years" are all solid rockers in the Aerosmith / Molly Hatchet / Lynyrd Skynyrd vein. They feature chunky guitars, sharp leads, and bluesy/boozy vocals that give each song soul.

Disc two is a collection of rare tracks, including three sets of live performances, an interview, and a pair of demos from 1979 ("I Don't Wanna Go Home" and "Gotta Muv"). 

An awesome collection for fans of the band and a great starting point for those new to The Godz, "Twenty-Five Moore Years" is evidence of a band that's hung in strong for over a quarter century and shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

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