"Demo 2004" (Demo; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Gold Star's 2004 demo is an adequate collection of songs that sound a little like The Runaways if they were doing music more along the lines of Dio-era Rainbow than their own material.

The three songs on this brief demo are "The Maze," "In Flight" and "Free to Be Me." As I stated above, the included songs are efficient rockers, although they could all use an additional dose of "oomph!" In other words, "Demo 2004" won't have you furiously banging your head but it sure as hell won't put you to sleep either.

Although the musicianship in all areas is very good here, it's the lead guitar that stands out. Each lead shines fast and bright and is easily the highlight of each tune.

In the end, Gold Star's "Demo 2004" does exactly what it sets out to do: peaks interest in the listener to want to hear more.

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"Demo 2003" (Demo; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

It's interesting that Gold Star's first CD brought to mind the work of Ronnie James Dio and The Runaways when this CD doesn't emulate either of those bands. Instead, it's a collection of three tracks that are as different as they can be.

I can't decide whether to describe the first track on this 2003 demo, "The Eyes of Night," with the word "smoldering" or "simmering." I guess "smoldering" is the best word because the track moves along at its own pace, and yet generates plenty of heat. It's not a barn-burner by any means but the lead guitar and the haunting vocals give it both edge and grace.

Track two, "In the Weyr," sounds a lot like Grim Reaper. It's got raunchy guitars, a much faster pace and a raw style that gives the song added power.

And then there's the final track, "Nostalgic Whispers," which sounds a little like The Doors with a female vocalist. The song starts out with a slow, almost eerie opening and then eventually crescendos into a pretty decent rocker. 

Gold Star changed a lot between "Demo 2003" and "Demo 2004." Either that or the band has a repertoire that features every possible type of hard rock or heavy metal. Regardless, the band is too interesting to overlook. It'll be most interesting to see what they come up with next.

Gold Star: T.J. Gold - vocals; Stevenvy - lead guitar; Jerry Roc - drums; B.D. Tavernier - bass.

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