"Grimmstine" (Self-released; 2008)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

If you've ever heard Grim Reaper, you'll never forget Grim Reaper. Most of that memorability came from lead vocalist Steve Grimmett, whose soaring vocals gave Grim Reaper's raw heavy metal a unique sound all their own.

Grimmett is back with this new band, Grimmstine. The "Grimm" refers to Grimmett. The "Stine" refers to Steve Stine, guitarist for metal cover band Methuselah and progressive/power metal band Avian. Stine is a stunning guitarist, laying down chunky riffs, blazing solos and acoustic delights whenever the mood is right. Between the two of them -- and with Dave Johnson and Hat on drums and bass respectively -- they recorded the self-titled album, "Grimmstine."

"Grimmstine" has a little in common with Grim Reaper, as well as Grimmett's other band, Lionsheart. It's solid hard rock throughout, featuring slices of hard rock, heavy metal, speed metal, progressive rock and even some very melodic AOR. In fact, it's that variety that keeps the albums 15 tracks so interesting. You'll get a thundering track like "Afraid of the Dark," then a more melodic track like "Memory." There's the nearly Yngwie Malmsteen drive of "It's Over," and then there's the melodic gentleness of "Till They Take My Wings." There's something for every fan of hard rock on this album and it's all done to near perfection.

Grimmett isn't as high-pitched as he was on some Grim Reaper tracks and has clearly grown as a vocalist since that time. His voice is solid and consistent, sounding equally as good doing ballad-like tunes and heavy metal screamers. Stine's fretwork will often leave you breathless, stunning you with his fiery solos and then cooling things down with acoustic interludes.

Overall, Grimmstine's eponymous CD is on of the most enjoyable hard rock listens I've had recently. It's the kind of CD you can't wait to hear again, even after you've just finished playing it through.

Grimmstine: Hat Bass; Steve Stine Guitar; Steve Grimmett Lead Vocals; Dave Johnson Drums.

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