grinspoon.jpg (14043 bytes)"Licker Bottle Cozy" (Grudge/Universal Records; 1998)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Universal Records artist Grinspoon has hit the U.S. with this, their debut release, and let me tell you, rockers, these guys cook. Grinspoon was voted Best Hard Rock Band by Rolling Stone Readers Poll, taking the prize even over fellow Australians Silverchair and AC/DC and this five song EP proves why. 

Grinspoon have a straight forward approach to heavy metal that has scored them opening gigs for the likes of Tool, Bush, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop and Anthrax. Grinspoon is a party band that is looking for a party. 

The first cut "PostEnebriatedAnxiety" clearly states that fact. If you hear this song more than once, you will be singing the hook all day long, just like I did. The music is tight, powerful and very distinct. The band enjoys themselves and it reflects in the music. 

The CD was recorded, produced and mastered extremely well - which gives it a professional, not-quite-slick, touch but does not detract from the root music. 

I was surprised to see how many recordings this band has already released. I don't know if they are available in the States (I will be checking my favorite CD haunts for them), but I guarantee that, when "Licker Bottle Cozy" starts making the radio rounds, Grinspoon will be big. I think when the real rock'n'roll fans get a taste of this band, Grinspoon will be headlining a tour of their own sometime soon. Just remember, you heard it first from Snidermann at Rough Edge: GRINSPOON ROCKS! 

Grinspoon is Phil Jamison - vocals, Jose Hansen - bass, Pat Davern Guitar and Kristian Hopes - drums.

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