"On This Perfect Day" (Mascot; 2009)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Guilt Machine are progressive metal. This disc was self-produced by Arjen Anthony Lucassen. He is is a one man music machine. I'd list his talents but that would be the whole review. "On This Perfect Day" was a one-off side project for Arjen. He had been in other bands and tried his hand at some solo work. This disc is unique in that it features intros by fans, spoken word intros, in all languages. The disc's tone deals with regret and the darkest forms of a secret.

"On This Perfect Day" clocks in at 57:37 and there are only six songs so there are a few ten minutes tracks to carry it along. The music is progressive when it gets going and it's well written, expertly performed and executed with plenty of metal and acoustic guitar. The whole disc has a cool vibe to it and the added fan intros gives it a personal touch.

Guilt Machine: Jasper Steverlinck - lead vocals; Arjen Anthony Lucassen - rhythm and acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards, mandolin, backing vocals (pretty much everything); Lori Linstruth - lead guitar; Chris Maitland - drums; Ben Mathot - violin; David Faber - cello.

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