"The Devil's Been Busy" (Self-released; 2009)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


Victor Gann's "The Devil's Been Busy" is more instrumental music from the impressive guitarist. The solos on the CD are highly entertaining, never over the top and not flashy for the sake of being flashy. Instead, they are an integral part of the song and help tell its story. It makes for a much more enjoyable listening experience than when someone is simply showing off or trying to impress with a showcase.

Unfortunately, the background music here is a little pedestrian. It just sort of gently carries you along as Gann's leads shine throughout. Perhaps that was the game plan; I mean, this is a Victor Gann solo album and that's what we're here to listen to. Still, the lackluster plainness of the background music actually makes the album somewhat less exciting. It's not that the music is bad, it's simply that it's kind of ... well, meh (Sorry. I always hated that word).

The good news is that Gann's fretwork is enough to hold your attention throughout anyway. As I said above, his style feels like more than solos, they feel like part of a song. I only wish those songs were a little better, a little brighter.

There's some awesome musicianship going on here, too awesome, in fact, for its energy to be completely sapped by the lackluster rhythms. Here's to hoping Gann takes the whole thing to another level next time out. Now there's a recording I can't wait to hear!

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"Victor Gann" (Self-released; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


Victor Gann's self-titled E.P. is five tracks of instrumental music with the focus plainly ... and rightfully ... on the amazing fretwork of Mr. Gann himself. Performing all lead, rhythm and bass guitar here, Gann delivers a tour de force.

The CD begins with "Four on the Floor," a ripping track that sounds just like you'd expect it to based on its title. "Just Another Day," up next, is a whimsical number with an irresistible main riff. Things begin a little slower on Track 3, "Migraine (S.O.S.)," but picks up some steam midway through to become a crunchy monster. "Shannon with Child," written about Gann's wife Shannon, is a gentle, loving number while "Not Now!" closes the CD out with another driving bang.

Gann's style is similar to other legendary axemasters, especially Joe Satriani, but Gann's style is a little rougher, a little meatier. Fans of guitar instrumentals will find plenty to their liking here.

Performing on "Victor Gann" are: Victor Gann - lead, rhythm and bass guitars; Alex Gerst - drums.

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