H20 "Go" (MCA)

HABIT OF FORCE "Submission Denied" (Independent)

HACKMAN "The New Normal" (Small Stone)

HACKNEYED "Death Prevails" (Nuclear Blast)

HADES "Bootlegged in Boston 1988" DVD (Cruz Del Sur)

HADES "DamNation" (Metal Blade)

HADES "The Downside" (Metal Blade)

HADES "Live on Location" (Grand Slamm)

SAMMY HAGAR "Cosmic Universal Fashion" (Loud & Proud)

SAMMY HAGAR "Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash Tour" DVD (Image Entertainment)

SAMMY HAGAR "The Essential Red Collection" (Hip-O)

SAMMY HAGAR "Live Hallelujah" (Sanctuary / Cabo Wabo)

SAMMY HAGAR "Livin' It Up" (Cabo Wabo / Rhino)

SAMMY HAGAR "Not 4 Sale" (Cabo Wabo / 33rd Street)

SAMMY HAGAR "Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock" (!t Books)

SAMMY HAGAR "Red Voodoo" (MCA)

SAMMY HAGAR "Sammy Hagar" (Capitol)

SAMMY HAGAR "Ten 13" (Cabo Wabo / Beyond)


HAIL OF BULLETS "Warsaw Rising" (Metal Blade)

HAIR OF THE DOG "Ignite" (Spitfire)

HAIR OF THE DOG "Rise" (Spitfire)

HAKEN "Aquarius" (Sensory)

HALESTORM "Back from the Dead" (Atlantic)

HALESTORM "Halestorm" (Atlantic)

HALESTORM "The Strange Case Of..." (Atlantic)

HALFCOCKED "The Last Star" (Megatronic/Dreamworks)

HALFORD "Crucible" (Metal-Is/Sanctuary)

HALFORD "Live Insurrection" (Metal-Is/Sanctuary)

HALFORD "Made of Metal" (Metal God Entertainment)

HALFORD "Metal God Essentials Vol. 1" (Metal God Entertainment)

HALFORD "Resurrection" (Metal-Is/Sanctuary)

HALFORD "Winter Songs" (Metal God Entertainment)

STUART HAMM "The Urge" (Relativity)

HAMMERFALL "Glory to the Brave" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Hammer of Dawn" (Napalm Records)

HAMMERFALL "Legacy of Kings" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Live Against the World" (Napalm Records)

HAMMERFALL "Renegade" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Steel to Steel: Ten Years of Glory" ((Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFALL "Threshold" (Nuclear Blast)

HAMMERFIST "Isolation" (Ghosttown Records)

HAMMERHEDD "Grand Currents" (Hammerhedd)

HAMMER ON ROME "Hammer on Rome" (Self-produced)

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE "The August Engine" (Cruz Del Sur)

HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE "The Locust Years" (Cruz Del Sur)

THE HANDFUL "Second Hand Smoke" (True Rock)

THE HANDFUL "Wooden Indian" (True Rock)

HANNAN "Charm Offensive" (Graphite Music)

HANDSOME "Handsome" (Epic)

HAND TO HAND "Design the End / Follow the Horizon" (Lifeforce)

HANOI ROCKS "The Nottingham Tapes" (Cherry Red)

HAPPY THE MAN "The Muse Awakens" (InsideOut)

HARDCORE WARRIOR "Quick Decision to Die" (Self-produced)

HARDREAMS "The Road Goes On" (Perris)

HARD KNOX "Combat Alley" (Perris)

HARD SOUL "Fairer Shores" (Self-produced)

HARD SOUL "Heart of Plaster" (Self-produced)

HAREM SCAREM "United" (Frontiers)

HARLOW "Harlowland" (Self-produced)

HARMFUL "Sanguine" (Steamhammer)

HARPOON "Double Gnarly / Triple Homicide" (Interloper)

HARROW "Embrace the World" (Power Records)

MIKE HARTMAN "Black Blue" (Universal)

HASTE "Pursuit in the Name of Consequence" (Century Media)

HASTE THE DAY "Pressure the Hinges" (Solid State)

HATCHET "Awaiting Evil" (Metal Blade)

HATE "Cain's Way" (World War III Records)

HATE "Holy Dead Trinity" (World War III Records)

HATEBREED "For the Lions" (KOCH)

HATEBREED "Hatebreed" (Universal)

HATEBREED "The Rise of Brutality" (Universal)

HATEBREED "Supremacy" (Roadrunner)

HATEPLOW "Mosh Pit Murder" (Arctic)

HATESPHERE "Ballet of the Brute" (Century Media / BL Music / Scarlet)

HATESPHERE "The Killing" EP (Steamhammer / SVP)

HATE ETERNAL "Conquering the Throne" (Earache/Wicked World)

HATE ETERNAL "Fury and Flames" (Metal Blade)

HATE ETERNAL "King of All Kings" (Earache)

HATEWORK "Thrash 'n' Roll" (Beer City)

THE HAUNTED "The Haunted Made Me Do It" (Earache)

HAWK NELSON "Hawk Nelson ... Is My Friend" (BEC Recordings/Tooth & Nail)

HAWKWIND "Blood of the Earth" (Eastworld)

THE HAWTHORNE EFFECT "A Study in Motivation" (Self-released)

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS "If Only You Were Lonely" (Victory)

HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS "The Silence in Black and White" (Victory)

HAYSEED DIXIE "A Hot Piece of Grass" (Cooking Vinyl)

HB SURROUND SOUND "Mad World" (Skin Industries)

HEADHUNTER "Parasite of Society" (Candlelight)

HEADHUNTER D.C. "... And the Sky Turns to Black ... (The Dark Age Has Come) (World War III)

THE HEADIE BERRIE "Morning Toast" (Self-released)

HEADLOK "Demo 2000" (Self-produced)


HEAD ON COLLISION "Ritual Sacrifice" (Beer City)

HEADSTRONG "Headstrong" (RCA)

HEARSE "Armageddon Mon Amour" (Candlelight)

HEART "Dreamboat Annie" (Capitol)

HEART "Fanatic" (Sony Legacy)

HEART "Jupiter's Darling" (Sovereign Artists)

HEART "Red Velvet Car" (Sony Legacy)

HEART FULL OF DIRT "American Road" (Self-released)

HEARTLESS BASTARDS "The Mountain" (Fat Possum)

HEARTLESS BASTARDS "Stairs and Elevators" (Fat Possum)

HEATHEN "The Evolution of Chaos" (Mascot)

HEATHEN FORAY "The Passage" (Black Bards)

HEAVEN AND EARTH "Windows to the World" (Frontiers / Now & Then)

HEAVEN AND HELL "The Devil You Know" (Rhino)

HEAVENLY "Dust to Dust" (Sanctuary/Noise)

THE HEAVILS "The Heavils" (Metal Blade)

HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS "The Decline and Fall of Everything" (Heavy Baby Records)

HEAVY GLOW "The Filth & The Fury" (Self-released)

HEAVY HEAVY LOW LOW "Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watching" (Ferret)

HEAVYSURF "HeavySurf" (Self-released)

HECATE ENTHRONED "Redimus" (Candlelight USA / Blackend)

(hed)p.e. "70s Hits from the Pit" (Suburban Noize)

(hed)p.e. "Back 2 Base X" (Jive)

(hed)p.e. "Blackout" (Jive)

(hed)p.e. "Broke" (Jive)

(hed)p.e. "Insomnia" (Suburban Noize)

(hed)p.e. "New World Orphans" (Suburban Noize)


HE IS LEGEND "91025" (Tribunal)

HELARAGE "A Carnivore's Platter" (Independent)

HELIX "Half-Alive" (DeRock)

HELIX "The Power of Rock and Roll" (Perris)

THE HELLACOPTERS "Rock & Roll Is Dead" (Liquor and Poker)

HELLBASTARD "The Need To Kill" (Selfmadegod)

HELLBOUND HAYRIDE "Devil's Junction" (Pepperland)

HELLCITY 13 "Hellcity 13" (Bale)

HELLFUELED "The Red One" (Self-produced)

HELLFUELED "Volume One" (Nuclear Blast)

HELLION "To Hellion and Back" (New Renaissance)

HELL ON EARTH "All Things Disturbingly Sassy" (Neptune)

HELL OR HIGHWATER "Begin Again" (Pavement Entertainment)

HELLPIE "Long Gone Into Oblivion" (CD Baby)

HELLSPAWN "Lords of Eternity" (Rotten Records)

HELL TO PAY "Hell to Pay" (Self-Produced)

HELLOWEEN "The Dark Ride" (Noise International)

HELLOWEEN "Gambling with the Devil" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 1" (Noise International)

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part 2" (Noise International)

HELLOWEEN "Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HELLOWEEN "Metal Jukebox" (Sanctuary/Metal Is)

HELLOWEEN "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" (Nuclear Blast)

HELLOWEEN "Straight Out of Hell" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HELLOWEEN "Treasure Chest" (Sanctuary/Metal Is)

HELLRAZOR "Hanging on by a Thread" (Self-released)

HELLRAZOR "Feel the Sting" (Self-released)

HELL WITHIN "Asylum of the Human Predator" (Lifeforce)

HELL WITHIN "Shadows of Vanity" (Lifeforce)

HELLYEAH "Blood for Blood" (Sony Music)

HELLYEAH "Hellyeah" (Epic)

HELLZ ABYSS "N1FG" (Revenge of Eve Records)

HELMET "Meantime" (Interscope)

HELMET "Size Matters" (Interscope)

HELMET "Unsung: The Best of Helmet 1991 - 1997" (Interscope)

HEMLOCK "Bleed the Dream" (Candlelight)

HERBERT "Steppin' Off To Eden" (Necropolis/Fueled Up Records)

HERE'S TO "Letters to Hill Valley" (Casanova)

HERETIC'S FORK "Heretic's Fork" (Self-produced)

HEROD "For Whom the Gods Destroy" (Lifeforce Records)

HEROD "Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight" (Lifeforce Records)

IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY "Fallen Angel" (Frontiers)


HESS "Opus 1" (Self-produced)

HEZZAKYA "Drug Metal" (Vaudeville Records)

THE HIDDEN HAND "Divine Propaganda" (Meteor City)

THE HIDDEN HAND "The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote" (Southern Lord)

HIGHBINDER "All the Way to Hell" (Sin Klub)

HIGHLORD "Medusa's Coil" (Arise)

HIGH ON FIRE "Blessed Black Wings" (Relapse)

HIGH ON FIRE "Death is This Communion" (Relapse)

HIGH  SCHOOL HELLCATS / THE GAMMA RAYS "Split Personality" (Vile Beat Records)

THE HIGH SPEED SCENE "The High Speed Scene" (Star Track / Interscope)

H.I.M. "Dark Light" (Sire)

H.I.M. "Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights" (BMG)

H.I.M. "Venus Doom" (Sire)

HIMSA "Courting Disaster and Tragedy" (Prosthetic Records)

HIMSA "Hail Horror" (Prosthetic Records)

HINDER "Take it to the Limit" (Universal Motown)

HIRAX "Barrage of Noise" (Deep Six Records)

HIRAX "The New Age of Terror" (Mausoleum Records)

THE HISTRIONIKS "About This Girl" (CatErratic)

HITTEGODS "All For Rock'n'Roll" (Demo)

HITTEGODS "Flower Power" (Demo)

HITTEGODS "Let It Burn" (Self-released)

HITTEGODS "You Reap What You Sow" (Self-released)

THE HIVES "The Black and White Album" (A&M)

THE HIVES "Veni Vidi Vicious" (Burning Heart)

HIVESMASHER "Gutter Choir" (Black Market Activities)

HOBBIT "Two Feet Tall" (Midwest Records)

JOEL HOEKSTRA "The Moon Is Falling" (Self-produced)

GARY HOEY "Animal Instinct" (Warner Bros.)

WOLF HOFFMANN "Classical" (SoundShop Records)

HOG MOLLY "Kung Fu Cocktail Grip" (Kool Arrow)

HOKUM "No Escape" (Self-produced)

HOLDING ON "Question What You Live For" (Bridge Nine)

HOLD ON HUMANITY "Hold on Humanity" (Self-produced)

HOLD ON HUMANITY "Warning Shot" (Self-produced)

THE HOLD STEADY "Stay Positive" (Vagrant)

HOLE "Live Through This" (DGC)

HOLFILLER "Holfiller" (Holfiller)

THE HOLLOWAYS "So This is Great Britain?" (TVT)

HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS "Excess All Areas" (Rock Road)

HOLLYWOOD ROSE "The Roots of Guns N'Roses" (Deadline)

HOLLYWOOD SUPERSTARS "Let It Shine" (Self-produced)

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "American Tragedy" (A&M Octane)

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Day of the Dead" (Interscope)

HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD "Swan Songs" (A&M Octane / Polydor)



CHRIS HOLMES "Shitting Bricks" (Non Nobis)

HOLY GRAIL "Crisis in Utopia" (Prosthetic)

HOLY MOSES "Queen of Siam" (Locomotive)

HOLY MOTHER "Agoraphobia" (SPV / Steamhammer)

HOLY MOTHER "Face This Burn" (Massacre)

HOME GROWN "Act Your Age" (Outpost)

HOME GROWN "Kings of Pop" (Drive-Thru)

HONEY FOR CHRIST "The Darkest Pinnacle of Light" (Rundown)

HONEYMOON SUITE "The Big Prize" (Warner Bros.)

HOOBASTANK "Every Man For Himself" (Island)

HOOBASTANK "For(N)ever" (Island)

HOOBASTANK "Hoobastank" (Island)

HOOBASTANK "The Reason" (Island)

HOODS "Pray for Death" (Victory)

HOODS "Time ... The Destroyer" (Victory)

HOOK ECHO "Demo Sampler 2002" (Demo)

HOPELESS DREGS OF HUMANITY "Revolutionary Rock Apocalypse" (Ever Reviled Records)

HORFIXION "Disynchronize" (Burn To Death Music)

HORFIXION "Rage" (Burn To Death Music)

THE HORRIFICS "Now Fear This" (1031 Records)

HORSE THE BAND "A Natural Death" (Combat)

HORSE THE BAND "The Mechanical Hand" (KOCH / Combat)

HOSPITAL OF DEATH "Beer Bitches Blood" (H.O.D.)

THE HOSTAGE HEART "Where There is Despair, Hope" (Five Point)

HOSTILE "Hostile" (Self-released)

THE HOTNESS "Stay Classy" (Ferret)

HOTWIRE "The Routine" (RCA)

HOURCAST "State of Disgrace" (Alkamedia)

HOUR OF ANGUISH "Into the Empty" (Hour of Anguish) 

HOUSE OF LORDS "Come to My Kingdom" (Blistering)

HOUSE OF LORDS "Indestructible" (Frontiers)

HOUSE OF LORDS "Live in the U.K." (Frontiers)

HOUSTON "Fast in Elegance" (Sliptrick)

HOWL "Full of Hell" (Relapse)

HOW IT ENDS "So Shall It Be" (Thorp)

THE HU "The Gereg" (Eleven Seven Music)

THE HU "Rumble of Thunder" (Better Noise)

GARY HUGHES "Decades" (Frontiers Music SRL)

GARY HUGHES "Once and Future King: Part I" (Frontiers Music SRL)

GARY HUGHES "Once and Future King: Part II" (Frontiers Music SRL)

GLENN HUGHES "Music of the Divide" (Demolition)

HUGHES TURNER PROJECT "Hughes Turner Project" (Shrapnel)

HULDA "Always Haunted" (Self-produced)

HULL "Sole Lord" (The End)

HUMAN "Out of the Dust" (Organic)

HUMAN RITUAL "Offering" (Self-produced)

HUMBLE GODS "Born Free" (Suburban Noize)

HUNG "Progeny" (Self-produced)

SEB HUNTER "Hell Bent for Leather" Book (Fourth Estate)

HURT "The Crux" (Carved Records)

THE HURT PROCESS "Drive By Monologue" (Victory)

HUSKER DU "New Day Rising" (SST Records)

HUSKER DU "Zen Arcade" (SST Records)

HUSKY "The Sea King" (The Husky Sound)

HYBRID FREAK DIVISION "Non-Conformative" (Lion Music)

HYDROGYN "Deadly Passions" (DR2)

HYMNS OF THE WICKED "Never See the Sun Again" (Obelisk)

HYPERION "Through Centuries" (Deathgasm)

HYPNO5E "Des Deux L’une Est L’autre" (Overcome Distribution)

HYPNOSIS "Cyber Death" (Crash)

HYPNOSIS "Seeds of Fate" (Bent Records)

HYPOCRISY "Hypocrisy" (Nuclear Blast)

HYPOCRISY "Into the Abyss" (Nuclear Blast)

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