"Animal Instinct" (Warner Bros.; 1993)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

I guess many of us discovered Gary Hoey when the video for “Hocus Pocus” was played on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. I remember standing there, there with my wide mouth open, because not since grunge had taken over did we still believe in the six-string assault. Sure, our heroes were still out there but it was nice to see a fresh set coming from an axe-slinger who had previously auditioned for Ozzy when he was searching for replacement for Randy Rhodes.

Instrumental guitar has fans that are so devoted fans to one artist that it’s hard to introduce a new member to this prestigious club. Gary Hoey has paid his dues and has done it with a smile that just makes you welcome his sound into your library of guitar players. He plays clean and melodic and sometimes I hear a little Vinnie Moore coming through my speakers. Most would call him a Satch clone but he doesn’t rip him off; he plays with a little softer side than that. It may be closer to an adult contemporary sound.

My 3½ guitarsaw rating is for Hoey releasing an instrumental guitar CD at the height of popularity for alternative rock and for the fact that -- although he has never become as big as Joe Satriani or Steve Vai -- he still plugs in his amp and gives it all he’s got.

Performing on "Animal Instinct" are Gary Hoey – guitars; Frankie Banali – drums; Tony Franklin – bass.

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