"Music for the Divine" (Demolition.; 2007)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

There's a reason that Glenn Hughes is a legend. His body of work, including his solo performances and his time in both Trapeze and Deep Purple, has cemented his as one of the kings of hard rock and heavy metal.

"Music of the Divine" is another fine example of Hughes' ability to combine hard rock, soul and funk into an album that is hard enough to kick you squarely in the ass but offers enough diversity to never get boring. The CD begins with the powerful "The Valiant Denial," and then cruises through ten additional tracks, ranging from the hard and heavy ("Steppin' On," "Monkey Man," "Black Light") to the slow and introspective ("This House," "Frail," "The Divide") to the downright funkadelic ("You Got Soul").

Throughout, Hughes impresses with his vocal style. This should be no surprise to those that have followed Hughes career through the decades. His incredible talent as vocalist has always elevated any project he's been involved with. And you can't knock his band, either, which features members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and longtime Hughes collaborators.

"Music of the Divide" isn't for everyone, of course. There are those who won't like soul and funk elements inserted into their hard rock and those who will find the ballads a little too slow and touchy-feely for their tastes. Still, fans of Glenn Hughes and/or any of the bands he's taken part in will find plenty to like on this CD.

Performing on "Music for the Divine" are: Glenn Hughes - Vocals, Bass Guitar; J. J. Marsh - Guitar; Chad Smith - Drums; John Frusciante - Guitar; Mark Kilian - Keyboards, String Arrangements.

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