"Cain's Way" (World War III Records; 2002)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Whenever I've been in the mood for extreme death metal, Hate's "Holy Dead Trinity" has never been too far from my reach. Hate's precision and overwhelming technical skills win high praise from me and saved "Holy Dead Trinity" from getting placed in the trash pile.

Although I did spin "Cain's Way" quite a few times upon receiving it, I never did get around to giving it a proper review. Not because I didn't like it - I just let other things get in the way. Whereas "Holy Dead Trinity" was basically a 'best-of' set from the band's prior efforts, "Cain's Way," save for one re-recorded song, is all new material.

Everything that I liked about "Holy Dead Trinity" is just as true about "Cain's Way." Hate's rhythmic inventiveness is better this time around and the band's technical skills are apparent at all turns. The one-dimensional approach of the band has been broadened ever so slightly, which is an improvement to my ears. A hint of Slayer-esque groove has been added as well providing a little more depth to the overall impact of "Cain's Way."

The band's pro-Satan views are in full force. In the past this would have annoyed me to no end, but now I treat these matters as just another minor detail to be dealt with.

"Cain's Way" has given me a second, albeit only slightly different, option in what kind of Polish death metal I might be listening to at any given time. If I want more violence and straight-forward approaches then "Holy Dead Trinity" would be my album of choice. If I want more variety and improved lead guitar then "Cain's Way" would be the obvious way to go.

If you're into technically precise death metal then Hate's "Cain's Way" is just what you need.

"Cain's Way" was produced by Jerry Battle. The production values are high and are should be considered an important element in Hate's quest for domination.

Hate: Adam the First Sinner on vocals and guitar, Kaos on rhythm guitar, Cyprian on bass, and Hellrizer on drums.

For more information visit http://www.ww3music.com/bands_hate.html

"Holy Dead Trinity" (World War III Records)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

The promotional materials say that Hate are at the forefront of a new era in Polish Brutal Death Metal. Um, was there ever a previous era of Polish Brutal Death Metal? And Vader doesn't count - one band an era does not make. And don't lecture me about the new wave of Polish Brutal Death Metal as I know all about Behemoth and Yattering.

Make no mistake: Hate is definitely brutal death metal, but more in the vein of Incantation rather than Immolation. Although Hate have one mini-CD and two CDs to their credit, "Holy Dead Trinity" is the first set of Hate material to really see the light of day on American shores. "Holy Dead Trinity" culls the best material from those three CDs; it is an impressive musical outing as it should be because it is basically a "best of" set.

The precision and technicality of "Holy Dead Trinity" are its high points. In fact, Hate's technical skills and rhythmic inventiveness set them apart from other bands in the genre. However, "Holy Dead Trinity" is weighed down by its somewhat one-dimensional approach in terms of its pacing. For some folks the band's relentless double-bass blasting approach works in their favor, but I found it a bit too much. There are a variety of riffs and riffing styles; additionally, the two guitarists throw in many single note runs which are a breath of fresh air in the stagnant death metal scene. The lead guitars are soaked in reverb which is a nice touch. The vocals have a bit of flair to them and avoid the strict American styled grunting that can easily bring the genre to its knees; in other words, the inflection is actually very good. 

"Holy Dead Trinity" does move fairly quickly despite its fourteen tracks and nearly 40 minutes. Given my limited experience with the brutal death metal style and my less than stellar preconceived notions of the genre it isn't too far-fetched for me to say that "Holy Dead Trinity" could easily become one of my favorite CDs in this particular style. 

One last thing: the 'let Satan rule" shit has got to go. It's been done a million times and it can't be improved upon no matter how much they consider themselves to be evil and no matter how much conviction they throw behind it.

The production on "Holy Dead Trinity" is stellar - it's very crisp which lends itself to helping a brutal death metal band get its sound across to the listener.

Look for Hate's third full-length "Cain's Way" to appear in late 2001 via World War III Records. 

Hate is Adam the First Sinner on guitar and vocals, Kaos on guitar, Cyprian on bass, and Mittloff on drums.

For more information visit http://www.ww3music.com/bands_hate.html

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