"Rediumus" (Candlelight USA / Blackend; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

In the formative years of my attempts to search all the corners of heavy metal's varied styles and sub-genres, I had the most difficulty was with black metal. I quickly learned that I favored the more polished sound of symphonic black metal as opposed to the more raw sound of the genre's originating bands.

One of the other things I learned was that I did not care for England's Hecate Enthroned from listening to the many compilations that surfaced during the early years of black metal's growth. Quite simply, after listening to a bunch of songs from the band's early efforts I realized that Hecate Enthroned, to borrow the English expression, was not my cup of tea. Despite the fact that Hecate Enthroned weren't too steeped in the old-school sound they just didn't lean far enough forward to the slicker style that I'd rather listen to.

So I approached my first experience with a full-length album from Hecate Enthroned with caution. Now, I fully realized that two full-length albums had been recorded and released by the band since I'd last heard them. "Redimus" is Hecate Enthroned's fifth full-length disc so I was prepared to hear artistic growth (and perhaps better production values if I was lucky). And to tell you the truth I was pleasantly surprised.

Hecate Enthroned's penchant for traditionally harsh black metal is infused with a staggering array of death metal influences on "Redimus." The band's more symphonic elements are fleshed out and steeped in gothic soundscapes. Hecate Enthroned's development in the intervening years since my first exposure to them is evident in the build and maturity of songs like "As Fire" which is a particular highlight. The length of the songs are also kept to tolerable limits adding to the overall impact of the album. Finally, "Redimus" features stellar production values.

Vocalist Dagon, new to the band with "Redimus" as I understand it, sounds nothing like Dani Filth which has always been one of my consistent complaints about the band in its early years. Keyboards (and the atmosphere this particular instrument provides) plays a more dominant role without detracting from the violent role of the guitars.

"Redimus" is an impressive effort. While I am unlikely to seek out the band's previous work I am eagerly awaiting future efforts from Hecate Enthroned. 

"Rediumus" was produced and mixed by Phil Green and Hecate Enthroned.

Hecate Enthroned: Dagon on vocals, Andy and Nigel on guitars, Dylan on bass, Pete on keyboards, and Rob on drums. Akercocke's Jason Mendonca contributes vocals.

For more information visit http://www.hecate-enthroned.co.uk

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